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    [CH3] Long Khong (Art of the Devil Series): Ticha Wongtipkanon / Prem Warut / Fluke Pongsapat / Boun Noppanut

    I didn't see a thread for this one and I binged up to the latest episodes this past weekend and I'm liking it a lot! The episodes are short and only come every Sunday though, so that's a bummer. I am really into Art of the Devil trilogy and I loved each of the movies. They were really...
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    ❤️[PPTV] Kammathep Pid Kiw: Chakrit Yamnarm / Noon Siraphun

    I'm not sure if the title is right. I'm thinking it's supposed to be like Queue or Cue lol like english meaning is something like Cupid Wrong Queue. Admin can change the title with better suggestions lol. I love Noon S. Going to check it out for her...
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    [PPTV] Gak Nak Rak Sa Loey: Tui Teerapat / Donut Manasanan

    Oooh this was a surprise to me. I haven't seen Donut with another channel and never though she'd pair with Tui. They make a great looking pair from the teaser. I'm def going to check this one out. Cr: Rakdaradotcom and PPTV
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    [PPTV] Luang Kha Lah Ruk: Pinky Savika / Art Phasut / Carissa Springett

    I think Pinky plays twins in here. I am a fan of her acting so I'm glad she's getting a lead role or something close haha. Cr: rakadaradotcom IG and PPTV
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    [PPTV] Glarb Bpai Soo Whan Fun: Pok Piyada / Oil Thana / Smart Krisada / Beam Kawee

    Another lakorn with PPTV. This one looks good too. It's about Pok going to her younger self I think. She still looks so good and young! cr: Rakdaradotcom and PPTV
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    [PPTV] Montra Maha Sanae: Oil Thana / Benz Punyaporn / Namwaan Kannaporn

    Not sure if this thread was created yet but another lineup in PPTV lakorns. They got a lot coming! This one looks good. I created a thread for it cause I love Benz P and I'll check this lakorn out for her haha. cr Rakdaradotcom IG
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    ❤️[PPTV] Woon Ruk Nak Kaao: Andrew Gregson / Noon Woranuch

    Guess Andrew and Noon will be joining in on the PPTV craze with their own lakorn. I think the lakorn is about two competing news reporters and it gets crazy. Romantic comedy. Credit to PPTV website and Pantip
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    Lakorn Rumors/Updates

    Hey everyone! I thought it would be a cool idea to have a lakorn rumor thread for lakorns that we don't know officially are going to happen or are most likely going to happen but it may not be confirmed soon. I read into some instagram pages and articles and notice that I'm never confident...