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    Adobe CS4

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    anyone know txiab Yaj's new movie

    Yea, i found the movie. It was called Lub neej yuav xaus qhov twg.
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    anyone know txiab Yaj's new movie

    my sister told me that she did a new movie, and it was really sad. Anyone know that title?
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    anyone know the title of this movie

    i dont really remember what exactly happend, but i know that the girls name were Seeta and Keeta, im thinking they were twins. Anyone willing to help me out?
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    Miss Hmong MN 2008-2009

    Does anyone have like the whole clip of all pagents doing their talents & fashion show & their speech. if anyone does, would u be willing to upload it. I searched it one youtube & hmonglive, but they seem to only have a few of the contestants.
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    Ruk leh saneh luang

    Thanks. I appreciate your help.
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    Ruk leh saneh luang

    I was wondering if it's dubbed in hmong yet? if it is can someone tell me the hmong title. Thanks.
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    Jam Leuy Rak--dubbed and OUt at the market

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    It'll be a GREAT "hmong" cover for JLR.
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    Hmong dubbed thai lakorns

    Does anyone know the hmong title of Jam Loey Rak?
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    How do I hide my comments on Myspace?

    You can just go to the site . It has everything you need. --Note--If you want to go to the "URLS & CODES" section..Click on Myspace script.
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    jum loey rak???

    wow, i'm so going to buy this movie then. ahaha, even though i've already seen it all. hehe. It's just TOO GOOD.
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    Song in a Thai movie help.

    Thank You for the songs.
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    Song in a Thai movie help.

    OHK, Thank You a whole bunch.
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    Big Bang Official Thread

    O really?! that's so COOL then..But then i live so far....ahh..I'm obsessed over them. ehhe
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    Song in a Thai movie help.

    I need help finding this one song in this thai movie that was dubbed into hmong. I don't know the thai title of the movie, but this is how it goes. The main girl(mehkla)<--that's her name in the hmong dubbed, and the bad guys were fighting, and they are from heaven. Something happens and the...
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    Big Bang Official Thread

    I heard that Big Bang was coming to the US to perform. Are they still coming or did they already came? Where?
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    Cring Out Love From the Center of the World

    Oh, the link doesn't work. Does anyone know where else i can watch it, because the ones on crunchyroll was removed.
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    Nraug Laib Tus Txim Hlub": Mafia Tee Ruk (My Beloved Mafia)

    Can somone give me their phone number to order this movie, because i would want to watch it. && For those who ordered this movie before, how much was it? Is it more than $10? because if it is, then i don't want to buy it yet.