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    "Why the Tears?" Teaser MV - P'Bird, Pong Nawat, Sonia Sui

    The full MV is going to be released on Sept 19th throughout Asia, to find out more about the project you can visit noteplengreviewsblog The song is sung by P'Bird Thongchai McIntyre and stars himself, Pong Nawat and Taiwan's Sonia Sui Tang. The chinese version of the song will be released (or...
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    Replay Media Catcher?

    Does anyone know where I can find Replay Media Catcher with it's key gen/crack? I've tried a couple of sites, but either the cracks didn't work or I ended up with a virus (needless to say the virus made me stop looking) but at least nothing was lost. thanks!
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    Kane @ My Name Is Kim Concert

    it just makes him even more sexier to know that he plays guitar :blush: i seriously wonder if there is anything this man cannot do.... damn he is cute... hopefully there is a dvd version of this because i want to see the talking portion I love how he sits there all serious and then he cracks...
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    Ice Sarunyu & Takkatan Chollada In Europe

    I think theres some sarnies here in europe... so i just wanted to give a heads up and help promote my boy Ice Sarunyu... Ice will be touring in Europe in June .... i dont have place and time just cities that he will be hitting up so if any of you are familiar with the thai community in these...
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    Ice Sarunyu - In Magazine In Korea

    GMEMBER posted up the photos that will be featured in the next issue of IN Magazine that will be on sale Dec 25 Its Ice in Korea!!! just a couple of pics to post here but you can see the full set here I LOVE THIS LAST ONE!
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    Problem Burning VCDS

    im using nero ultra 8 to burn videos as a vcd but ive been running into a problem (not only with the 8 version but older versions as well) all of a sudden the cds that ive burned won't work on other computers. they just come up as blank discs the cds i burn work fine on my computer (the one i...
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    Ice Sarunyu's Los Angeles Concert

    8/5 SAN FRAN PEOPLE!! GLAS KAT FINALLY UPDATED THEIR INFO... GLAS KAT 520 FOURTH STREET SHOW IS AT 10PM TICKETS PRESALE $30 AT THE DOOR $35 i'm going to be going to this one as well... see you guys there. please try and make it. ice is well worht it trust me!!! --- I saw that this was...
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    Ice Sarunyu...Group Birthday Gift?

    me along with another fan (thaigerl) were thinking about doing a group birthday present for Ice Sarunyu his birthday is not until September but taking into account shipping time along with the fact that each one of us has a busy life we thought we'd start now to get a feel for who would like to...
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    Kon Mun Ruk Ice website

    dedicated to Ice Sarunyu Winaipanit come by and visit to find out more about him... i jus opened it yesterday it still a major work in progress but please come by and check it out
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    Cambodia/Thailand Friendship Concert

    hi all... my first time here in the khmer section! i was wondering if anyone has any idea if this concert is available some place on the internet. the friendship concert was held in september 2005 i believe. i remember seeing in the thai thread before but i havent been able to find it on thai...
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    America's Next Top Model

    i meant to mention this earlier but for anyone who is interested America's Next Top Model went to Thailand this season every season they go to a different country that has a fashion scene. they've already been there for two episodes and they are down to the top 4 just thought id share that...
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    Thai airways commercial on nbc

    i was watching Law & Order:SVU and there was a commercial for thai airways... ive never seen one before (on us tv that is) was wondering if anyone else has seen any?