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    ploy dome back together?

    It's so obvious these two haven't gotten over each other..still looking at each other lovingly and totally smitten
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    ploy & golf not over?

    Ploy & Golf just’s not over says inside source March 14, 2009 The Entertainment industry is known as “Maya” - now we all know what that means. Maya is just an illusion - it’s not real. Just like the relationship status between “Ploy” Chermarn and “Golf” Pichaya - is not real...
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    Dome has a new girl?

    so i found this article on this website which states that Dome is admitting to pursuing a relationship with Cartoon Intira.
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    Interesting....Dome V.S. Golf?

    so here's a new article posted about the whole dome, ploy, golf thing. It's actually quite entertaining to read. And if I can say so myself by reading between the lines, do I need say I sense a little bit of jealousy coming from Dome? -_-...
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    Dome cheating on Ploy again?

    look at this link y'all and translate for me please. If it is what I suspect it to be, it's no surprise. I just never get why some women choose to go back to cheating liars? Especially the beautiful women who can be with any guy they want.
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    Thai tennis star Paradorn set to marry former Miss. Universe

    here is the link:
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    Marsha Wattanapanich pregnant?

    This is a link to an article displaying pictures of Marsha with a visible bump on her midsection indicating that she's possibly pregnant?
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    Pics of Dome and Ploy on vacation?

    There's some recent pics of Dome and Ploy on vacation in Germany I think it is. Here's the links:
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    Tata's new video and forum

    I'm not sure if anyone has posted this on the thai forum yet, but I just wanted to share this link to Tata's new video and a forum. >