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  1. sherlyi

    Photos of Boran Fuse??

    Can someone please post some photos of Fuse in boran clothing for me, thank you very much..
  2. sherlyi

    Chaiyathong Rak [Chaiyathong's Love]

    Chaiyathong's Love|Chaiyathong Rak CASTS: Fuse - Jao Chaiyathong Fah N.- Jao Yahk Nithira Naen W.- Jao Samsila Cartoon N.- Sinthra Lek J.- Jao Yahk Tongsivan Cartoon K.- Jao Livithira Au R.- Kumsamalee Phone - Jao Yongthi Yam - Jao Yingyila Aon - Jao Pitsanuk Set during the acient boran...
  3. sherlyi

    Fanfiction Voting!!!

    Hi everyone I'm back again, it's been a long time I haven't been here, Oh yeh back to the main topic, I was wondering and want to make a voting contest of the fanfictions here, like if the users here votes which best complete fanfiction of the 4 month, then that one will get a...
  4. sherlyi

    Can't Rescind of Seeing You

    Can’t Rescind of Seeing You & also called: Can't Rescind from Seeing You For meaning: Never Get Tire of Seeing You drama or stories locate to this too: Sungkyunkwan scandal -- this a period story, like those period drama in ancient korea starring: park shin hye as kim chun hei...
  5. sherlyi

    A War to Bring Love

    A War to Bring Love Genre: Action, Drama, Romance Starring: Girls: Pancake K. Anne T. Jui W. Ploy C. Bee N. View W. Rotmay K. Boys: Mos P. Tle T. Aum A. Win T. TengNeung K. Por T. Son S. Also there's more character too.... but haven't add it yet... A war to bring love is a fanfic about 7...
  6. sherlyi

    The Unforgettable Love

    The Unforgettable Love aka Unforgettable Love Starring: Mart as Tarrin Aff as Ananda/Wasana Bee as Kannika Dan as Thana Intro: A couple that love each other so much that have to separate after a car accident. Wasana a young girl love Tarrin very much, but her parent don’t like him, so...
  7. sherlyi

    A Trade of Love

    A Trade of Love Starring: - Anne T. as Kalaya - Pancake K. as Kamala - Ken T. as Arthit - Tye N. as Alak - Ploy C. as Yada - Aom A. as Tep - Jane J. as Jai - Meji P. as Dee - Pai P. as Wasi Intro: Two poor girl that just came from the country-side to the city, they got trick and some...
  8. sherlyi

    4 Heart But Only 1 Love

    4 Heart But Only 1 Love Starring: * Om A., Grace K., Kwan U., Punch W., Win T., Off C. --------------------- Om A. as Komet/Karnlai/Tuma/Kuwit Grace K. as Aneela/Aneek/Taseen/Aneecha[Anee] Kwan U. as Moonlee/Saolee/Kanlia/Neena[Nee] Punch W. as Sanee/Painee/Garnlai/Panee[Pan] Win T. as Win...
  9. sherlyi

    Love Turn Us Back to History Preview

    Love Turn Us Back to History [cover] Starring: Bie S., Aerin Y., Fang, New C., Ton -Bie as Ramses/Ramet - Aerin as Husn/Tasanee - Fang as Sacmis/Sumalee - Ton as Kamol - New as Kiet This idea is from my sister, but I'll be the one writing it... A little info about it: -Past in Egypt-...
  10. sherlyi

    Princess Lies

    Princess Lies A Fanfic story that design by: JSY Production Princess Lies 2nd Poster Starring: * Pepper R. as Tamoon * Peung K. as Princess Ana/Kaew * Prin S. as Taman * Son S. as Poowin * Natharika T. as Veeli * Sinitha B. as Queen Yanlla * Oh A. as Yukoon...
  11. sherlyi

    Lie Marriage Turn to Real

    Lie Marriage Turn to Real [ Episode 1 ] Starring: Ken T., Pancake K., Ploy C., Peak P. > Ken as Piwat [Wat] > Pancake as Lin > Ploy as Alinee [Nee] > Peak as Kim By:JSY Production Episode 1 “ Mom, um, Piwat slept with me, mom you got to help me, okay.”, a lady said to Piwat mom and then...
  12. sherlyi

    The Sun that Raised Up Our Love

    - The Sun that Raised Up Our Love - Starring: Arnus, Pancake, Cartoon K., Win, Ball By: JSY Production This story was about a girl name Dao (Pancake Khemanit Jamikorn) , she have a best friend name Lyn (Cartoon Kanokwan). Lyn has a fiancé name Win ( Arnus Rapanich) , and she don’t even...
  13. sherlyi

    First Met Marriage

    Starring: Ja J. and Art P. By: JSY Production There was a girl name PimJaidee ( Ja Jittapa Jampatom ) she is 17 years old, she live with her parent , one sister , and one little brother 10 years old. Her sister name is DokDao, she is 16 years old , and her little brother Sarit, which he is...