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    need help downloading from bittorrent or utorrent...

    i know this is a stupid question but i cant seem to figure out how to use bit-torrent to download my k dramas form d addicts...if anyone can help me step by step will be awesome! thanks,
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    the uninvited

    anywase, i just got done watching "the uninvited" and i thought it was good and scary....i want to try "the tale of two sisters" but im scare because i think its goin to be more scary than the American one. anyone else like this movie??
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    [Variety] Family Outing

    anyone watching this??.....its a really funny show to watch.......i love it! its about.... In each episode, the "Family" travels to different parts of South Korea and takes care of the house of an elderly family while that family goes on a vacation. The "Family" then accomplishes the tasks left...
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    SS501 surprise nobody start a topic on these cute sexy guys.....they are like the best Korean boys band as of right now.... here are so info.... Kim Hyun Joong- star in BOys before flowers Heo Young Saeng Kim Kyu Jong Park Jung Min Kim Hyung Joon
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    green forest my home

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    this season kick a$$!...the six that got off the island is now back on the island!.....sawyer and kate saw eachother again!...OMG i love this couple. :P
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    im a big fan.......sad i havent seen the latest one out...but gonna rent it soon....... B)
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    Tub Yaj NeW mOviEs!!!

    Hlub Tshaj txoj sia man...good movie.....but damn gotta wait until part 3 comes out with more drama......OMG!!!...... i gotta say...this is like the first hmong movie that i've watch in a longgg time....i usually don't watch hmong movie cuzz the movies are sometimes gay and boring but hey, i...
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    HEADACHE !!!

    man...i have bad headache at times....dont know if its due to being on the computer too long without my glasses or just not being healthy.... but what do ya do to make them go away?....i usually just sleep or take Advil..... B) any suggestion??
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    bernie mac dead!!

    man ..he was a good actor and a funny person....RIP Bernie!!=(
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    dear friends

    omg..just got done watching this movie....nice and sad movie.....really good acting... the main girl is pretty.
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    Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

    hahahaa...this movie is the koreans....LOLOL :lol: thank you, come again! LOL
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    old thai lakorn??

    well its been a longgg was a good and sad lakorn i think she's like a frog cuzz her mom is a dragon and i forgot what her dad was....but anywase, she have like 3 friends, and they are a snake, bird, and turtle. anywase, all i remember is that no one wants her or something...
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    OMG!!!....baron chen is soooo cute!!

    dont ya think this guy is the best looking guy?....omg!!!!
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    making MV

    which program is good?
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    LiDo'S wOrLd Of WoNdErFUl!

    i should really update my stuff! <_< i will be uploading anything that comes to mind....hmong/thai/english songs and asian dramas.=) also, if ya want to request any songs or ost just pm me :D
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    r 7465 7e57567 67 6 767
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    whats good to watch???