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  1. duongchai

    How to conceive a girl

    I am carrying my fourth child now and all of them all boys. I strongly want a girl to complete my family. Does anyone know how I could conceive a girl?
  2. duongchai

    Need help

    I have a black spot on my left check, Laos people call Farr, got a byopsy done dotor call it Netus of ota and I was told that the only cure option that I have was to get a c-laser which is very expensive per session. I know that Laos people have cream that they use to get rid of it. Does any of...
  3. duongchai

    Going to college

    I need help searching for scholarship and grant. For all of u that are going to college, could u please give me website or addresses that I could get help. Thank in advance.
  4. duongchai

    Sarn store

    How long does it take for delivery if you order a movie from sarn store? Please email me about this at
  5. duongchai


    Does anyone remember this movie. The Pra Eg in this movie is a player. He be having wives every he go and he put Nung Eg under a spell, making her a boy. Nung Eg love him ever since she is a little girl. One day she just blow a flute and died.