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    Wanida(Lakorn Thai)

    lol, im watching that right now and tik is so funny but also inspiring with his words.
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    Wanida(Lakorn Thai)

    lol she must have been barefoot all day :)
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    married women at the clubs

    i think it's best going with your spouse at least.
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    Wanida(Lakorn Thai)

    I love tht Tik is always smiling :) Makes my day. Thanks for sharing.
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    is ecstatic about Tik's comeback! :-)

    is ecstatic about Tik's comeback! :-)
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    is ecstatic about Tik's comeback! :-)

    is ecstatic about Tik's comeback! :-)
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    Wanida(Lakorn Thai)

    She makes falling off a boat look so graceful :) LOL Tik's laugh is so cute...esp at 1:06 in that clip. I'm excited!!! :)
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    Wanida(Lakorn Thai)

    Aff is so pretty in pink dresses/clothing. AHHHHHHH-thank god Tik is back! It's been too long! He looks so thin now but o' well, as long as he is backkkk! :) I haven't been this excited for a lakorn since JLR with Aff & Aum.
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    Num Sornram & Noon Woranuch (Mae Ying)

    Num look so young!!! his outfit in the first couple of pictures remind me of william hung but its so cute!
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    Tik Jesadaporn & Aom Sunisa

    Gosh, I misssssssss Tik!!!!
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    gran torino

    haha yea, i was like wth?! in the movie, they have everyone just sitting there surrounding the shaman like its a get together. not something you'd see in real life. this movie was
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    Who is more evil?

    def leela. altho Sunsanee was mean, i didn`t find myself hating her as much as i do w/ Leela.
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    Do most thai stars come from wealthy families?

    i dont think every actor or actress had to come from a wealthy fam to become famous. i think its more of talent, looks, and ambitions.
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    you're welcome! :)
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    Favorite Concert Photo 2008

    Lol, whats happening here? how cute.
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    ^^^that's what i keep telling people too. he looks skinny as ever in person.
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    Overrated Actress

    I really think Ann is overrated. I don't like her acting very much.
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    I'll post them up later. I'm so tired right now...i need a nap. EDIT* ok, so i finally got around to this. :) Here goes mines. sorry they're kinda big. Yay, his arms around me!!!! :) Gosh, he is sooooooo cute!
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    LOL, im so happy. He had both his arms around me in one of my pics. ;)
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    Totally! he is so cute!!! just thinking about him gives me butterflies in my tummy. awwwwww!. :D