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  1. YoUa

    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    Pra Eak should be someone older than Weir cuz Pra Eak's character is older than Nang Eak like 25 years old.
  2. YoUa

    what do you hate most about youtube?

    maybe your internet slow that's why you so long to load.
  3. YoUa

    1 Sij Huam

    Just finish this movie...i like it!
  4. YoUa

    Reun Sawn Ruk [ DaraVdo ]

    i heard that lakorn start film on January 8
  5. YoUa

    Chaleuy Suk(Who & Who)

    SeeSanBunTerngSoh today...Rome and Ann both look good
  6. YoUa

    Weewaa Whaa Woon (Good Feeling)

    little preview from see san bunterng today
  7. YoUa

    Chaleuy Suk(Who & Who)

    little preview from see san soh today
  8. YoUa

    Ch 3 New On Screen Pairing for 2010

    Ken and Araya and Tik and Aff but I vote for Ken and Araya
  9. YoUa

    Pieng Jai Tee Pook Pun (TV Scene)

    new n nice pairing tho. it's very interesting haha
  10. YoUa

    Happy Birthday P'Noom Sornram

    Happy Birthday to P'Num!
  11. YoUa

    Kob Suwanan Kongying & Pancake Khemmanid Jamikorn [Beauty Issue/Beauty Forever]

    Pancake's 20, Kob's 30, and Anna's 40 credit to aak
  12. YoUa

    Pictures of Mos from MN

    couple more pics
  13. YoUa

    Pictures of Mos from MN

  14. YoUa

    Pictures of Mos from MN

  15. YoUa

    Pictures of Mos from MN

  16. YoUa

    Pictures of Mos from MN

  17. YoUa

    Dan ใช้หัวใจ Chai Hua Jai MV + BTS Pictures ]

    can't wait to see the mv too
  18. YoUa


    thai people don't think this picture is poo...they say the picture can't even tell that is poo. wonder if they see all of her pictures what do they think. lol
  19. YoUa

    Hnub Lis

    What I heard Hnub make $1,000 per one movie...if I'm her I'm not going to marry any guys from U.S but like old people say...tsis pom daj dag ces siab tsis nqig.
  20. YoUa

    margie's new look

    she looks nice with short hair.