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    hey i was wunderin if chu guys have myspace so i can get to noe chu guys btta and so i can add chu guys! :D
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    Stefan oops mag

    click on the link....the thread has news and pixs of Stefan from the oops magazine...can someone please translate if have time..wanna kno wats going on with him...heres the link credits:
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    Tye's pixs

    Credit: ETA will find the link and credit these pixs!
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    Stefan pixs

    hey guys ...some pixs of our hottie stefan..these pixs mite be when he was studying in england....but im not sure....i think his a total hottie with this hair style...not much people looks nice with this hair style but Stefan make it look so HAWT!!! ENJOY!!! :wub: im obsess with his hair...
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    high School talent show

    hey yah! i found this vdo..these girls are awsome!!! wat do yah think??? my school doesnt have Talent its kinda good to see other high school have it!!! heres the link!!! tell me wat yah think!
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    amika's banners

    this is some kinda pics i used to make these banners... and i wunna give a big thanks to ma swt heart p'tangmoe fo da tutorials.. cob coon kah! :) :wub: wells here ja go... and hope u guys like it! :D
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    can any1 give me a quick tip or sum kind of special tips dat would help make ur banners and wallpapers looks very pretty? like da quality of da pics... thanks in advance!!! :D
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    ummm, here are some wallpapers i made... da graphics mite not look good... hope u guys dont mind.. so yea... hope u guys like it :D AOM: BIG: SIRINTA & BANK: i knoe it aint dat good, but at least i tried, i jus wanna share :D
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    art sarthra (อาร์ต-ศาสตรา ศรีวิลัย)

    art: does anyone like or knoe him? i really think he looks so cute! :wub: i have hard time finding hid pics... <_< i so wanna c some of his pics :w000t:
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    Yam vs. Au

    i mean i hear alot of ppl talk bout yam and au.. i mean i jus wanna kno who looks better? plz ppl tel me... yam siriwutana au thanamas ok jus tell me ur opinion.... well... my opinion i think dat yam siriwutana looks better; not sayin au is ugly but i guess she ok in yar pla gin... credits...