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    mussaya starring bua ford and andrew g.

    can someone tell me what is mussaya starring bua ford and andrew g. is about and wait are they like related in the lakorn or what? please post a summary. thanks in advance.
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    anybody got a pic of those two?????
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    Tik & Janie Preah Ateath (Something)

    can somebody upload the mayura version please?
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    news on aom and sunny

    i still think her and tik will one day i hope be together this guy aint all that shes to pretty for him no offense!!!
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    Poo & Sam on LaBelle

    how old is that sam guy??? is he like full white or something??
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    Poo’s New Man Revealed – Joey is History!

    does anybody have a pic of Auon Rungsit???
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    news on Marsha and her bf

    wait how old is she and when did she have her son 17 or something??/ and how old is her boyfriend he looks cute! lol shes so friken gorgeous gosh haha shes looks young though!
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    Likasit Hua Jai

    who killed phi lol?
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    Janie's Interview

    i was reading a page that Janie Tienphosuwan like has hatred towards cambodia is it true i dont know but read this----->
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    news on Joy R. and some guy

    hes offense i mean come on look at her she is like friken gorgeous and hes just eww....... way too PRETTY for him lol!!!
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    Sroleng Dol Cheung/ Ruk Sud Kua...

    here it is
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    puri graduated

    did they graduated from college huh im confused???
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    puri graduated

    did they graduated from college huh im confused???
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    news on angie, yard and some guy

    for his money duh cause come on if you look that good like angie i dont think you like him for his personality <--- a guy who thinks he can get all the ladies cause he friken rich and come on really dont you get its for the money not the looks like he has any looks like a fag to me but come on...
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    Saddest Lakorn Ever!

    no friken way cn you upload it please gosh i havent seen this lakorn in ages... gosh this is a old lakorn! omgosh i always cried when they kind of disowned there grandma it made me cry soo much lol!!
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    May Fuengarhom

    whoa how old is she anyway??? and wasnt she in that lakorn with vee and shes plays the nek cousin the bad one i forgot the neks name but she plays a twin in there as the nice twin with money and th evil twin with no money???? was she in there cause she looks familar? and what i heard she was in...
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    Saddest Lakorn Ever!

    omg i dont know what this lakorn is called but its about the nek and her sisters and her grandma her mom killed herself thinking that the nek father cheated on her and the grandma doesnt want her granddaughters the nek and her two sisters to be with any man think if they do be with a man they...
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    Khun Nai Som Lon

    isnt in khmer or thai????????