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    Colorado Tournment

    this weekend june 27/28 2009 at shaw heights
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    Ur Parent's Favorite Phrases

    my mom's favorite phrase is 'oh, shut up' in english and in hmong it's, 'lwm hnub mas, nej yeej yuav paub xwb' my dad's favorite phrase is 'what time are you working tomorrow' even though he knows i work at 5 every day, but i know it's his way of starting a conversation with me and his hmong...
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    [ATTN: READ! ^_^] Help me!

    well, i know that kitchen productions is with plucky. you can definitely get in contact with him on myspace.
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    KajSiab Txhua Hnub

    this sounds good. keep it up. i be supporting you for your new album. can't wait.
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    Nyab Siab Zoo:New Hmong Movie

    someone was kind enough to post it on youtube. actually. it's funny cause my mom already bought this movie. i just never knew about it.
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    [HELP] Toshiba won't turn on

    you either have a motherboard issue or a lcd screen problem or display problem. i'd recommend hooking it up to a desktop monitor. if the desktop monitor doesn't display anything, it's probably the motherboard. but if it does show, it is either a display driver problem or the lcd is gone. try it...
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    Having trouble with my laptop

    is it still within the 1 year? meaning, has it been longer than a year or not yet. if it has, and you don't remember paying extra, yeah you're out of luck, but if you remembered paying extra or it's still within 1 year, get it to best buy if you bought it there. they'll do the diagnostic for...
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    just a little input, how bout stem cell research?
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    Nyab Siab Zoo:New Hmong Movie

    Did anyone buy this movie at the Fresno New Year? I want to see it. Can someone upload it if they've got it? If you haven't seen it, here's the link to watch the trailer. The film makes Laos look so beautiful.
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    ok listen to this~!

    you're doing great. your voice is awesome. keep practicing and you're gonna get the drift.
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    Having trouble with my laptop

    by "reboot" do you mean restore windows vista to factory settings? if yes, then you might have a bad, here's the list, motherboard, keyboard, bios system. if it's still under warranty, call gateway and see what they can do, otherwise, it'll be a little difficult to repair. you might need a new...
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    My HP Paillion dv9000 laptop

    hi! if it's still under the 1 year warranty or you bought extended warranty take it to the store you got it from. i work for the geek squad at best buy and repair computers for a living. what i would recommend doing is checking to see if some settings are off. go into control panel and choose...
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    i'm currently a junior in college majoring in film but right now, i'm working at best buy with the geek squad. i fix people's computers, yay!!!
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    Rome & Rita

    their cover photo, if i was the photographer, i would have had him place a few fingers over her pant's button. oooooohhhhh, and some of the pictures aren't that sexy. needs LESS clothes!!! p.s. i'm not perverted. just that these photos are oozing of xxx, but there's only x
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    that's good that you were nice enough not to report her. well, hopefully your brother's family will move out after this incident. good luck.
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    arrange marriage? wow! i've always wondered how it would be like to be arranged for marriage. seeing those movies with arrange marriage makes it seem so romantic, how they will end up falling in love in the end. :rolleyes: TOO BAD, this is real life. if you don't want to do it, fight back...
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    this link is the board and staff of HND. you could probably find some successful woman in here and do some research on them.
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    What do you think of your husband or wife now?

    more like "nkauj laug" hahahah, that's what the OG's call those who aren't married and is over 28
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    Looking for Hmong, Thai or Chinese Outfits

    wait for new year. they should be cheaper
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    Who would you choose?

    i'd prolly pick the one that we disagree on a lot of things. it makes life more interesting and we can learn more from each other that way.