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    Please help out my family...

      The details can be found at   In our lifetime, we don't seek any financial support from anyone but until recently, we've encountered some problems and hate to admit that we really need it. We hope we'd be able to reach out to anywhere, everywhere, and anyone whom...
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    Heart of God Africa / Color Run 2013

    We need a donation for the t-shirts even just $5. The t-shirts will go to 6 sponsored kids from Heart of God Africa. Hope you have a spirit donation or know anyone who would like to donate. Deadline is on Monday. Thank you.
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    March for Babies - donations

    Hi everyone!   Please do help out my cousin's page: March for Babies. If not, please spread the word for her and babies in need. Thank you. :D
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    DooTV membership

    My father just purchased his 3-month subscription for the first time but why are there two DooTVs on the different links: (he paid this one) and which one is the actual website? Please let me know soon so I can ask for the refund immediately. Thanks!
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    Viki subitltes

    Does anyone know how to rip the subtitle out from Viki? I'm dying to know because I never like streaming, the quality is terrible so I can't stand watching like that. :(
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    I wanted to know if anyone has a same problem: my uncle, Air (from Washington State) borrowed an account from my uncle-in-law, Jack (from California) but the problem is when Air logged in but it won't stream the video, just the black screen. I assumed that Dootv bans the account sharing unless...
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    kitkat's Photography :heart: It will be updated slowly... San's niece, Hailey :wub: | San's sister's dog, Keiko and my yard. :P My roommate, San -- I did her whole makeover for the banquet tonight. :D |
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    Lakorn Opening & Ending Credits

    I planned to do a project but before I do anything else. The preview from the ending credit WILL NOT be included. The only problem is all episodes have both opening & ending credits so will it bother you if I cut it off but I'll provide both credits separately.
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    Hotfile & Sendspace

    Who has a premium account for Hotfile & Sendspace? Can I borrow it 'cause I need to download all episodes for my mom by tomorrow night. I have no time to wait 30 minutes per episode so pretty please? I never expose your password or abuse an account. I once borrowed someone's 1-year premium...
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    DivShare Premium account

    Anyone who has a premium account for DivShare, can I borrow it for a couple of hours? Pretty please, thanks!! edit; Never mind, I managed to get 'em all so thanks for seeing this thread. :)
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    Hi, I recently use it, I LOVE IT!! I wonder can anyone lend me a crack so I won't have a 30-days trial. ^^" Thanks in advance.
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    virus from iTunes

    I don't know how can it happen to me... I suddenly have it from iTunes! It's my first time and I don't know what to do after I tried uninstall the program but it prevented from doing so what should I do?! :o It seems like everything works except for iTunes so I'm abit scared to click it. Right...
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    Title & Name needed

    Title for a lakorn that played by Johnny Anfone & Ploy Chermarn? <-- clickie Right now, I'm using my dad's rough translation 'Kam Kab Rak Kam Kab Hao Chai' so if it's wrong, please correct it. Name of this actress whom played with Man Karin from 'Tum Ma Tid Peek' <-- clickie Name of this...
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    What's the title of this short lakorn?

    Anyone care to tell me the title and the main couple's names, too? [I used a search, it seems it's Rak Barn Rao but I'm not sure if it's the one.] *I need to know so I can put it in my YT account. Thanks!
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    Babb Bird Bird 2008

    i was planning to buy it off from eThaiCD but there's 2 versions; original and encore plus so which one should i get or should i get both? Care to explain what's the differences between those? ^^'
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    post setting

    How do I get it back to original posts where I can scroll down instead of clicking on each posts? It's quite hassle to do those especially Thai DL section that I usually clean the links there. "/ I really like it when it comes to comments but as cleaner, it annoyed me--- sorry to say. ^^;
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    Bank of America credit card

    I have a decent amount but I never use it at all til recently, I'm in need of money and I don't know how credit card works. For example: if I transfer about $100-200 from credit to checking account so how much do I pay for the monthly payment? I tried to find an information over BofA FAQ but...
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    bank problems

    I know it might be stupid but I'm worried about my bank Washington Mutual (WaMu) being closed... I planned to transfer it to Bank of America (BofA) today but before I do, I still am waiting for my refund from Amazon marketplace which it'd be next week so if I transfer it now and change my...
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    BOY MEETS GIRL Vol.9 No.143

    I haven't see anyone scan this and I worked hard to clean it up as much as I can. -_- Here's goes: <-- their real signatures :P ** PIC CLICKABLES FOR A BIGGER VIEW **
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    Knot Nuthi & Kwang Kamolchanok's wedding

    I know it's very old, but I'm a fan of Kwang so I would like to share. ^_^ She's very beautiful in her white dress. The guests who attended to their wedding. Most of them you would recognize and if not, look at their names next to it. :) ** PIC CLICKABLES FOR A BIGGER VIEW **