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  1. destiny411

    my covers :)

    heeellooo sarnies <3<3, please check out my video and comment/rate it. :) Mai Gee khon (cover) Sakod Jai (COVER) if there are any requests, feel free to put them here. ill try my best. :D
  2. destiny411

    Tata Young and Her Fiance', Prem

    there has been rumors goin around about these couples and it turns out that these couples were like other couples that denied that they were slowly losing feelings for each other... i understand its their personal thing but why cant the celebs. jus tell the truth..instead of keeping it from...
  3. destiny411

    Wat Lao Buddhavong Annual Festival 2008 for July 4th

    more info...Click here
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    Mafia, My Love 2

    watch the opening/closing theme: Ahyoomee is the daughter of the head of a mafia in Hong Kong. Her father is Chinese and her mother (Pakboong) is Thai. Her father (Chen) owns casinos and he also owns a 5 star hotel that should be 6. Although her father...
  5. destiny411

    Pat Naprapa Almost got ROB and SHOT!!!

    :o P' Pat Naprapa..the nang'ek from Mafia Tee Ruk..had almost been robbed on friday nite on her way to her boyfren's house. A man approached her with a gun pointed towards her stomach and threaten to shoot her.Some one happened to past by so the robber ran away. After that she yelled out...
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    For more info...][ Click H3r3 ][
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    For more info...][ Click H3r3 ][
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    Kathreeya English [ SINGING CONTEST ]

  9. destiny411

    Pood Ruk Nah Moh

    Well dan and beam are having a new lakorn out called Poot Ruk Na Mo Ghost The Nang Eak For Dan Is Bell (From Shiny Girlz) And Beams Nang Eak is Benz Poonyaporn (nang Eak For Channel 7) and beam is the ghost in this lakorn not dan I'm soo happy to see both of them in a lakorn together...
  10. destiny411

    Can't EIDT SIGNATURE ....

    I can't update my signature...can some help me please...i really don't noe wat's the can't be b/c of the pic size... This is wat it says: Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the...
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    TV Inside No. 158 [Magazine]

    Picture Credit due to Cookkai* from Pancake Webboard ---
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    Lydia 19

    This mv is so0o cute...does anyone noe when this album is gonna come out?...i'm waiting for it.. :rolleyes: .....Mv...recommended..... Preview it good quality>>> ][Right h3r3] ][Click h3r3 to Download MV][...Not very good quality
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    Jui and Captain ....Seeing each other !!!!

    I read this magazine and the article was about Jui and Captain...she says that they're just seeing each other for now and we'll see...but then they ask her if she would call themselves a couple and she said " I guess so"... :wub: :wub:
  14. destiny411

    Magazine Picture...X)

    Credits 2
  15. destiny411

    Parpapayon Bunterng MAgazine

    Credits 2 M3...destiny 411
  16. destiny411

    Papayon Bunterng Magazine

    Don't they look Hot together :wub: :wub: :wub: ***More PICTURES BELOW !!!*** Credits 2 destiny411 [M3]
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    ~~..::Pat Forum..::~~

    Pat Forum [Click H3r3] :wub: :wub:
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    Na Rak [CH3]

    Main Guy: Main Lady: Others: Credits 2 Thaitv3 Webboard
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    Star Adress !!!

    Can Someone Plaese Help Translate the adresses and the names below...
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    Sudsapda Mag.

    Featuring: Yardthip Credits 2