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  1. "peace"

    mark's magazine photos

    will open this thread with this cool photos from the clip of bazaar men thailand magazine
  2. "peace"

    mark prin events

    i though why there is no event photo thread for him i love stock things like that in one thread :D will start with this "look up" photo
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    mk (markkim) gifs

    @MKfan132 inspired me to create this thread :D will post gifs from their lakorns here whenever i made one so it will stay in one thread pckk i forgot how hot they are i miss them with reverse
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    kimberley's graduation

    thought a special event like this need a thread on it's own to rest a memory here :) i already posted some in her main thread
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    the 13 (rescue 12 thai boys and their coach trapped in a cave)

    i thought we should create a new thread specific to this topic so we can follow the update, for me i check everyday because we all have children young brother and who has heart will feel for this innocent boys who going through a trial a lot of us would never know how it feel @KitKat516 if...
  6. "peace"

    sultan of my heart (turkish drama)

    and i finally after searching for weeks for something that can entertain me beside kim's lakorn i found this brand new turkish historical/dramatic/romantic/comedy serie and so far 2 episode but it sooooo gooood and for the first time in my whole life today i will catch it live a turkish drama...
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    [CH3] Thong Eak Mor Ya Tah Chaloang (Sonix Boom) Mario Maurer / Kim Kimberley

    i tried to search if there is already a thread for this but i didn't find one and finally the confirmation come today from daradaily i absolutely looking forward to this new freh pair and omg...
  8. "peace"

    lookout (MBC) Lee Si-Young/Kim Young-Kwang

    to be frank i had the desire to watch this drama because the FMV i saw and mainly mainly because the lead guy he was wrote for this role he is doing such a phenomenal job , i'm in ep 4 but my god i'm already soo hooked and the story is soooo rich the writer definitely did a very good job with...
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    kimmy kimberley's magazines photos

    so since i find hard to search for kim's magazines photos in the section of general magazines i wanted to create this thread for her all magazines photos start from now :) so will start with LISA magazine , for me lisa is one of my favorite magazine that i love see kim in it their closet is soo...
  10. "peace"

    Romantic doctor , teacher kim [SBS]

    i strongly recommend this drama for who want to taste a true drama that don't just involve medical plot but real life emotion and experience and lessons , this drama has all it's need to be called a perfect drama start from the cast who even who have a role for one episode did thei job to the...
  11. "peace"

    kimmy kimberley (around magazine, issue 81, December 2016)

    stunning sexy gorgeous , miss her magazines :icon12::icon12: cr kimmy
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    kimberley's events

    this thread will be for her event schedule and photos of the events so tomorrow she will hve this event 28 September 3 October , she is representer for this brand , long time didn't see her in event for this brand good to see
  13. "peace"

    words inspired from "piece of art"

    sooo since i'm a big fan of kim and sometime her photos give me the desire or inspire me to write something , i wanted to create this thread to kim's fans who also share the same feeling as me or also sometime love to write about a photos of hers (ps: i call kim "piece of art" that's why ) will...
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    kimmy kimberley (HAMBURGER March VOL 23 )

    and the third cover for her in march  cr Hamburgermagazine
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    kimmy kimberley (HAMBURGER March VOL 23 )

    and the third cover for her in march  cr Hamburgermagazine
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    kimmy kimberley (HERWORLD issue NO 145 March 2016)

    soooo gorgeous :heart: :heart: i love what they wrote "bloom like a flower" i think they borrow that from me jk :ghehe: cr ig herworldthailand 
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    she doesn't need introduction one word for me phenomenal one of a kind :heart: i never listened to an singer for his live concert VDO for the whole 55 min i'm shocked to myself , and for me no one can cover her song why? not because they need powerful  voice but because they need to cover her...
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    ed sheeran

    recently i'm listening too much to his songs , he may not have the most powerful  vocal out there but when he sings he sings with soul and passion and he has a temp voice unique for him  that is enough for me coz for me that is all about music it's a way to make other feel the passion and the...
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    Poems & Quotes

    i love reading randoms poem in web or quotes  and sometimes i love shared it  here too so i will look forward to read other people posts    i will satrt with this poem i found in "hello poetry" to Aiden Phelps    [/COLOR]