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    Nom Phab & Maiv Poo Lub Neej

    Hey! I was just wondering if this was any good... I've seen the first two.. Khib Cia Khib Tuaj and Nom Phaj Txoj Kev Lim Hiam... but was wondering if this was any good.. I heard it's about Nom Phaj and Maiv poo in heaven.. but just wondering how it is... Oh! Here's the cover for the...
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    Kuv Niam Siab Dub

    Does anyone know where I can get this movie? My mom liked it a lot when she saw it.. and she really wants it. If anyone could help me, thank you!
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    ** Kazee's Place **

    Welcome!!!! Enjoy Kazee's collection of movies and.. maybe some songs now and then.. :wub: I'm not uploading anything right now... too busy....
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    Indian Movie in Hmong

    Does anyone know of this movie..? here's a little summary of it... The mother gives birth to this one little girl and she lives with her husband's sister I believe and they live in a brothel. As the little girl grows up, she goes to school to become someone successful, however her aunt wants...
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    Khib Cia Khib Tuag

    Has anyone seen this movie? I think it's a really funny movie and i think it's more realistic than other movies.. people can actually relate to this movie unlike those mushy mushy hmong movies.. or the super power ones..