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    I love you guys! Will you guys autograph my CDs for me?
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    [Mainland] Chinese Paladin 3

    oh! I didn't see. I'm so excited!!! YEAH!!!
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    [Mainland] Chinese Paladin 3

    I heard they were thinking about making this? Is it true? I heard they were skipping chinese paladin 2 b/c it was too boring. Let me know!!!
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    Aaja Nachle

    Boy. Did Madhuri get skinny or something? I saw a preview and she's so much skinnier than she was so many years ago when I saw her last movie!
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    hMONG wOMEN has GONE wILd..

    Man!!! they're worse than us young people... i'm only 21 and i'm not even half as bad as them....
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    Maiv Xyooj New Release!!!

    I still like some of her songs...not all.. but some.. Is there anyway you could upload her new album or mv soon?
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    New Hmong Movie: 5 Lab Dollars

    We bought this movie, and I thought it was a waste of money. In simple terms, IT WAS THE DUMBEST MOVIE I'VE SEEN.
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    I've been married for about 2 years.. and it's good. It's just they expect soooooooooooooo much out of my husband and I rather than his older brother who's been married for 8 years.. His wife's difficult though.. so that's probably the main reason.. other than that... i think married life is...
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    oh never mind.. it's just 10.. i looked at the wrong my brother deleted it off the comp already.. and i don't have the time to rip it..sorry peoples..
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    Timeless love -the haunting and Tou & Mai

    I'm sorry, but a decent Hmong producer would never ever talk like that to any of their consumers. Because once you do, no one would like to buy it because they know the real you. It's ridiculous how you have to swear at those who've supported you before. Now, I don't know how many sarnies are...
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    Thov Qib Hlub Koj Ib Zaug

    it was a good comedy/romance storyline.. i thought it was good.. the girl was cute, but they put too much make up on her.. the guy.. they could have picked a cuter guy.. i don't really like him, but that's just my personal preference.. i didn't like the ending.. it just seemed so open.. i...
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    Blaum Lwm Blaum Liam Part 3 & 4

    i didn't know there was a part 3 & 4 to this! i liked parts 1 & 2.. it was pretty hilarious...
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    Xab Thoj or Tub Yaj

    personally, i would choose Xab because he's a hilarious guy... tub yaj is good too, but there's too much crying and it's always about romance... i'm more of a comedy/romance person.. that's just my preference..
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    Xab Thoj's MV

    hey thanks! i love these!!!!!!
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    DL Tseem hlub

    thanks. :)
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    Xab Thoj's MV

    how many are there to this?
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    DL Tseem hlub

    could you reupload this song?
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    movie- Kev Hlub Nyob Qhov Twg? parts 1-3

    oh! i would like copies of it too... if you're able to distribute it!
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    Xab Thoj's MV

    hey thanks for uploading the mvs of xab.. can u upload the other ones when you have time? thanks a bunch!
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    "NRAUG LAUS" a MOUA LEE film

    oh!!! i thought this movie was so funny! my entire family loved it! anyone who hasn't seen this should watch it... it's a very good comedy!