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    Chaiyachet (2012)

    New series that will be airing after Pikultong...Remake..Pra aek is Jame..Yea..not excited..
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    Pikultong (2011)

    So it's been confirmed that the new nang aek will be that girl Aom from the other topic who went to the casting..Did they not have a lot of people to go cast or what..? Seriously..Anyways yea the new drama will be Pikultong for sure and the pra aek will most likely be Fuse...again!
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    Chinese series selling (Thai dubb)

    I posted the link in the selling thread but I'm sure a lot of people don't stop by lol. So I wanted to post in here as well that I'm selling old and new Chinese drama (Thai audio). I don't have much up right now since I'm still in the process of posting but feel free to e-mail me at with the...
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    Asian Cinema

    Hi guys! I finally got a chance to put the store back up after trying to edit and all that junk. I'm now selling Chinese series as well. Some of them are... Mulan (1999) The Ching Emperor (1994) Thief of Honour (1991) The New Adventures of Chor Lau-Heung (1984) and MANY more! I will continue...
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    Ton Woranan Married

    I don't have pictures but Ton is married now...! He recently got married a couple days ago and if anyone is watching Thookathatong his wife is one of the servants :thumbup:
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    Darb 7 See Manee 7 Sang (Coming Soon)

    So far I don't know who else is in there but's the new lakorn after Tukkathatong! Sucks...I know it!
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    Magazine Sales

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    Website for lakorns?

    Does anyone know a website that sells Chinese/HK series dubbed in Thai? I remember someone listed the website here before....The person that sells it is located in New Jersey..But I don't remember the link..If anyone has it can you post it..? Thanks a lot..!
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    Does anyone have Photoshop? I have only Photoshop 7 and it's old now lol~ I actually dl'd one in here but it's only the trial version..
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    New Series With "TONG" As Part Of The Title

    Ok well I just got info and it is about the new lakorn that will be airing after Bla Boo Tong..And word is the lakorns new title has the word "TONG" in it..What do you guys think it is..?
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    I've been collecting for a long time and now its time to get rid of things because I have no more room and cannot take all these things with me, plus half of them I just don't want it anymore lol. I still have a lot of stuff but it will take time for me to post it up on here. I REALLY NEED TO...
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    SanDisk Cruzer 4 GB Problem

    I have been using this for quite some time now and never had a problem..I was using it just fine in the morning then when I wanted to use it again later in the day it didn't work..Usually when I plug it in the USB drive it will flash automatically and open the folder but now it doesn't flash at...
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    Dok Mai Ruang Tee Mai Rim (CH7---DaraVDO)

    New drama by DaraVDO. It will be a drama type series
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    Well...Here's the pra aek/nang aek for Bla Boo Tong 2009.. Everyone is putting down the pra aek from Bla Boo Tong lol..Even the person who got the news about the pra aek being cute is taking back there words lol..The new pra aek was on AT10 if anyone remembers him..He came out on the show...
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    Sapai Jai Ded (CH7---DIDA)

    If anyone don't know who she is she is in Puen Ruk Thua Yoong
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    Ruk Son Rote (CH7---Kantana)

    Not interesting cast in my opinion lol..
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    Seoul Drama Awards 2009

    Has anyone been this website to vote...? 3 Thai series are in there but I guess the voting session is over because as you can see the nominees are already listed above..
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    Robot Yodruk (CH7---Workpoint)

    Another sitcom of Cheer..Even though I haven't been watching anything but it seems like she's been doing only sitcoms lately..
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    [Ch7] Dao Pra Sook (?)

    Another remake...Once again..
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    <<05-07-09>> Ja Ting Ja Concert