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  1. krisayaporn

    Mor Luang (Sonix Boom): Mario Maurer / Kimmy Kimberley

    With miss Chudapha responsed, this is not sequel but new plot. The concept is still about herb medical who live in period of Rama 3
  2. krisayaporn

    [ONE31] Unknown title (The One Enterprise / Pordeecom): Pooklook Fonthip

    It's not their work together on new project Pordeecom but They will work on new different drama by Pordeecom
  3. krisayaporn

    [ONE31] Sai Roong (Change2561): Pong Nawat / Sammy Cowell / Iang Sittha

    Iang may play as Pongpun, doctor who has Metinee treatment from alcoholism
  4. krisayaporn

    [ONE31] Sai Roong (Change2561): Pong Nawat / Sammy Cowell / Iang Sittha

    Kob S, was mentioned on another project beside Sairoong and Thong Prakaai Sad, it will be drama genre
  5. krisayaporn

    [ONE31] Sai Roong (Change2561): Pong Nawat / Sammy Cowell / Iang Sittha

    Yes, Kwan was originally cast of Metinee character, since this project would produce for GMM25, but there were problem on set that she run away from there and told that she didn't tell her channel where she had been under (PPTV) so they decided to replace her with someone. This project later...
  6. krisayaporn

    [GMM25/Viu Thailand] Irresistible (GMMTV / Goodboy Entertainment): Lee Thanat / Aom Sushar

    That's really similar between them. Main actor and actress are couple who so much love each other but brother of main actress kill sister of main actor that put him in wrathful and try to destroy them This is first version of this in 1994 starring Ton Jakkrit and Om Sakaojai
  7. krisayaporn

    [CH7] Sai Leurd Song Hua Jai (SUP Entertainment): Mik Thongraya/Thisa Varitthisa/Jenny Chayissara

    It's not revealed title of this drama yet, Hak Nai Hak is just description, mean (Plot)twist over and over
  8. krisayaporn

    [CH3] Pruesapa Thunwa Ruk Tae Kae Kerd (High Pigxell): Yam Matira/Ryu Vachiwarich/Bomb Tanin/Mint Ranchrawee/Chakrit Yamnarn/Krissie Krissiri

    Plot : Orn, 52 years old woman who has been broken heart by her boyfriend because she is getting older. Decision to get plastic surgery done and turn out to be 25. Meeting Nont, ping pong player who need to join national ping pong team and win the gold, try to earn a lot of money for his grandma...
  9. krisayaporn

    ❤️[Amarin34] Plerng Nang (Change2561): Ploy Chermarn / Sam Yuranunt / Peter Corp / Indy Intad

    I think they had intention to make it broadcast and filming at same time firstly. Because of Covid outbreak, they need to stop it so when they can be back to filming then will finish filming and set the premier
  10. krisayaporn

    ❤️[Amarin34] Plerng Nang (Change2561): Ploy Chermarn / Sam Yuranunt / Peter Corp / Indy Intad

    This will come around August, confirmed by Ploy's fan
  11. krisayaporn

    ❤️[CH3]Kaen Ruk Salub Chata (Magic If One): Alek Theeradeth/Namtarn Pichukkana/Krating Khunnarong/Bua Wansiri

    Aom and Jeab are partner in Magic If Production and split to do drama production for different channel under same production. Not wonder that Jeab will work for Ch7 because she had work on acting with them the most, lastest Plerng Sanaeha with Nune Woranuch and Kelly, and also Aom
  12. krisayaporn

    [CH3] Karat Ruk (Good Feeling): James Jirayu / Anne Thong / Sam Yuranunt

    This is age-gap love story so I don't mind about their age for pairing. If Anne play as the same gen of Jame like Taew. That really unsuitable but this look perfect
  13. krisayaporn

    [ONE31] Sai Roong (Change2561): Pong Nawat / Sammy Cowell / Iang Sittha

    Miss Chod, producer of thia drama, said she can fine replacement actress but will let the channel announce it
  14. krisayaporn

    [ONE31] Sai Roong (Change2561): Pong Nawat / Sammy Cowell / Iang Sittha

    There is post of actor queue for fitting costume, Aum was informed as Park who is lead male on here
  15. krisayaporn

    [ONE31] Leh Pummared (The One Enterprise): Tre Porapat / Marie Broenner / Janistar

    If this cast is real, it's so unreasonable. Ben and Janis looks like asian but Marie looks half Their mother have affair with some west guy right? so wednesday child looks like a half and completely different from her elder and younger
  16. krisayaporn

    [One31] Traa Barb See Kaw - Bie Sukrit / Fon Nalinthip / Pim Pimjira / Bam Pakakanya / Tawan Panwa

    Don't believe this account, it's just imagine thing and there is no reference from channel
  17. krisayaporn

    ❤️[ONE31] Bpai Hai Teung Duang Daao (The One Enterprise): Cris Horwang / Aum Atichart / Bank Thiti / Maprang Alrisa

    Plot : Charam and Hamesuda are perfect couple that everyone feel jealous, actually is just pretending Their relationship now become broken. Hamesuda is tired of Charam's player, can't divorce in order to protect the image to society One day, Charam meet Paaithong, architect who will take care of...
  18. krisayaporn

    [ONE31] Kadee Rak Kham Pop: Fern Nopjira & Tao Sattaphong

    My ben play as Pailin, the woman who was born on aritocat family, fall in love with Khame but is heart broken by him, later accept propoposal from Kanok(Khame's brother) to do sarcasm She is plain woman whose nature of arrogant and love her pride