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  1. shubby


    i don't know..if the nang ake is Kat..Gross..or something... anywayz, i'm looking to buy this lakorn of Pete T..and Kat..Gross...i think it's a classic lakorn from back then..all i remember is that..the nang rich and she killed pa'ake it's by accident tho.....anyone remember...
  2. shubby

    [Ch7] Fah Jarod Sai (DIDA)

    this is another odd pairing couples..hehehe..but can't wait..tho...
  3. shubby


    dont' forget to watch it live tonite.. and who will you pick to be miss universe 2006??? i will have to go with Miss Phillipine, and Miss Thailand...hehehheheh
  4. shubby


    is anyone watching this lakorn rite now?? please give me some summary of this lakorn..thank you!!!
  5. shubby


    :sweat: yesterday i lost my dog. and now i'm looking for her all day long. i felt so so bad. my mom was yelling at me and i'm just frustrated. i don't know what to do or how will i find her. today she haven't find her way back home yet. i just hope that she will be back..but gosh...i see...
  6. shubby

    Anyone in here like to Lum Vong??

    hi! do any of you like to lum vong? and what lum vong song do you like most?? my would be lum vong sao sexy song...LOLZ
  7. shubby

    Can you write or read laos?

    i just want to know how much we keep our tradition. Do you know how to read or write in laos?? i'm one of them, i can write and read in laos.
  8. shubby

    Korng Fha Na Dum???

    anyone remember this old old boran lakorn. i remember watching it when i was in thailand long long time ago, but i have no idea who is the p'ake and nang'ake?? please shared it with me!!! thank you!!!
  9. shubby

    Stairway TO Heaven!

    anyone watching this drama rite now? cus i am, and it's so good. i hate the step mother, she so evil gosh, i wanna slap, who will be the main character for this drama??
  10. shubby

    Krai Thong!!

    anybody remember Krai Thong?? i really like the alligator guy, not krai tong. i love this boran lakorn, i hope that they will remake it soon...
  11. shubby

    Emperor Of The Sea?

    im watching this rite now, and it's really good. i recommend it.. anyone know is bo-gok and jung hwa getting each other at the end?
  12. shubby

    YOur Lao Name??

    ppls, i just wanted to know your Lao name, so please list..the reason why i do this is because, we lao ppls have a long name and lastname... so, my name is Nang Sysavath
  13. shubby

    Phi Koun Thong??

    anyone remember this old boran lakorn?? Phikounthong?? i wish that they will remake this boran lakorn...cus it's my all time favorite..
  14. shubby

    Thousand Years Of Love

    anyone watch this series yet?? please tell me about it?? play by So Ji Sup, Sung Yu Ri and Kim Nam Jin thank you,
  15. shubby

    help support BeerLao!! here is the site to help support beerlao and lao economy. spread the word. thank you!!!!
  16. shubby

    SarnWorld Is the Best Site..EVer!!!

    u know what....i'm so happy that i found this website...and it's the best!! i love i will come here everyday...hahah....anywayz..i would like to Thank you!!
  17. shubby

    when is the lao new year in LA?

    can someone please tell me when is the lao new year party in LA?? i would like to go..but don't know when?? thank you......
  18. shubby

    How do i upload and reupload lakorn??

    can anyone please help me..i want to be able to help upload and reupload..but i don't know how..please show me..if anyone can help...thank you so much......
  19. shubby

    do you miss your x-bf for 1 yrs like me??

    please shared with me and make me feel better.... rite now i'm so sad....lolz....sometime, i miss him and i wish to call, but i can't....i'm afraid that he is with someone. i don't want to make a fool of myself. i've already move on, but sometime i can't help myself thinking about him...