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    I really want to plan a trip to France and take my parents and in-laws...any recommendations on nice places to see and visit?
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    Duab ci thoj is married??

    Calla..I'm just curious..and I hope it's not too personal of a question to ask..if it is I can understand if you don't answer it:) Are your parents/family supportive of you dating a Laos Guy?
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    Siv Yis 2011

    maybe its just me..but this is like a thai boran lakorn with all the powers and characters..only the people in it are Hmong and the clothes are Hmong clothes..not my cup of tea for Hmong entertainment
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    Film Rattapoom fathered Annie Brook's son

    its apparent that you are not judging her on her past..its fair to say good for you..but you should definitely note the doings of both Film and Annie and see it from an unbiased third person person perspective...which you are obivously not doing because everything that Annie has done or is doing...
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    Film Rattapoom fathered Annie Brook's son

    I'm just curious Sarna3..and please do correct me if I misunderstood u... I can see that you sympathize/empathize with Annie very much..but hopefully not beyond that to go and praise her in a positive light for her doings that you yourself would not do.I am not a Film fan and am not trying to...
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    dreading going back to work when school starts

    dreading going back to work when school starts
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    dreading going back to work when school starts

    dreading going back to work when school starts
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    Shamanism & Christianism

    well said, Princess87..hopefully NkaujHmoob would realize why so many people were offended by her comments.. its apparent that she doesn't care for the shaminism way of doing things..and thats fine but when you start dissing it, people who believe in it will be offended
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    [CH3] Ngao Ruk Luang Jai (Makers J.)

    I agree....she is not cute at all... wow..mario is such a cutie and he's with her??
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    What is a(n) Assoon??

    thanks Yaksoh..appreciate it... so any monster could be a nak/snake (Rahoo from Thep Sam Rudoo) too?
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    What is a(n) Assoon??

    okay..what exactly is an Assoon in boran lakorns?? Thanks to anyone that helps
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    Tsawb Yaj???

    so he's married to a much older lady?? thats a shame..just heard acouple of songs from his newest album (?) and he has a nice voice...
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    Namfon Patcharin : Papayorn Bunterng

    maybe its just me...but she appears stiff
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    Sick ass picture....guess who it is....

    As rigged as the Hmong pageants are...when I think of any of the "Miss Hmong" titles..I think of someone who can be a positive role model ( not perfect of course but positive) for little kids...and i'm so glad this girl didn't win...
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    Talented or Not?!

    Dang...she sucks really bad! How in the world did she win 2nd with that for a talent??
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    10 Pra'Ek CH7.

    so u put Num with ch. this man always
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    10 Pra'Ek CH3.

    Num was Ken gets my vote
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    10 Pra'Ek CH5.

    Captain...I love this man... love Chakrit to...but I gotta choose Captain
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    10 Nang Ek CH5.

    the lovely Aom Piyada...
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    10 Nang Ek CH3.

    Ann T...SUPERB actress