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  1. ijohn

    Latest Thai music conection on FB

    i found this Thai music page the other day on facebook, a good souce to get aquanted with the latest cd releases from the links they post, AeLoad is a good source for current music releases but one shouldd always support the artist when the can, i'm not assoiciated with AeLoad just thought I'd...
  2. ijohn

    The Voice Thailand Has anyone been watching this and has anyone thought about making subtitles? I've downloaded the first seven episodes from season 1, it would be much better if it had English subtitles as my Thai is very little at this time,
  3. ijohn

    help me help them!!!

    A few years ago I got involved with this young teen's life. it's been a few years and progress is being made but there are always setbacks. I knew her mother before her but it was what I saw that made me get involved with her life to this point, her mother let her run the streets when she was...
  4. ijohn

    my light atm

    these are so random but wanted to just post something atm::: my friend Oin and her friend February 2009 my fav picture of Oin atm she's my phone wallpaper i'll post some recent pics of us in thailand later...
  5. ijohn


    ...i had watched a true life documentary on what this movie is based upon(subject matter-human trafficking) and then i had read a review in the friday edition on detroit free press about this movie and i just had to see it!!! every thing in this movie i could see myself doing if someone took...
  6. ijohn

    Thais 'leave boat people to die'

    as thailand tries to find it's self in the current political chaos are they loosing something greater in themselves and their nation???
  7. ijohn

    Do you believe in Angels???

    ...i'm curious how many ppl believe in angels or if they believe some greater force protects them!!! i have my stories some very recent... i believe something keeps me out of trouble but i can't figure out why... i'm not a religious man but i know i've been lucky somedays... a few recent things...
  8. ijohn

    Woman arrested for killing virtual reality husband

    TOKYO, Japan (AP) -- A 43-year-old Japanese woman whose sudden divorce in a virtual game world made her so angry that she killed her online husband's digital persona has been arrested on suspicion of hacking, police said Thursday. story here...
  9. ijohn


    curious how important does some ones voice impact your daylight and attraction to someone??? ...i do still admit that the one thing that still steals waking time from me is the certain look of a stranger sometimes that my eyes precieve i'm attracted to!!! ...but i'm wondering how much a voice...
  10. ijohn

    Hurricane Gustav reaches Category 3 status, winds up to 115 mph

    i know there are a number of members here that live in this storms path and i'm just curious, what your plans are???
  11. ijohn

    truths about me!!!

    "truths about me" are the things we do to test the waters of relationship before love... maybe if we just stand back and take time to anylize ourselves... so often we make decisions about our fate that when time passes we find often more then not we discover a lie within ourselves... have you...
  12. ijohn

    ijohn ipod/iphone collection

    this is part of my vast collection of Thai VCD's ripped to the ipod/iphone format (MPEG4,24 fps, 512x384) although most can be played on the PC with itunes or VLC player ( ) also the file extension can be changed from .m4v to mp4 to play on most other media players with...
  13. ijohn

    Subject: Psychopath Test

    i recieved this in email today and i was the only one in my work place that got the answer easy so maybe i'm a psychopath---lmao--- i think i'm just mathotical in how i analize things!!!:D Subject: Psychopath Test Read this question, come up with an answer and then scroll down to the bottom...
  14. ijohn

    "i'M tAlkInG To yOu!!!"

    ...ok i just thought of this because i wanna say somethings some times and don't want to interupt someones privacy or life so i have created this thread good or bad to say something instead of being quiet... :rolleyes: ...when the silence finds you in a room do you think of me and your...
  15. ijohn

    this Aof video is so sad!!!

    ...i saw this Aof video and it made me think can someone really be devastated like this character portrayed by Aof in this video "Kum tam tee tong tob" when they find they are the only one in love in a relationship,,, or is it some people are so shallow that love never touches their heart,,, so...
  16. ijohn

    i like this girl!!!

    ...i always liked her music,,,but damn this girl is cute when she dresses casual!!! :wub: i will post the 16min clip from her dvd in the media section in a few days!!! :yahoo: Note::: the videos up now P.S.islu P&J
  17. ijohn

    what do you think of people that lie???

    ...what would you do if you found out your friend was lying to you about everything you knew about them??? i'm just curious because someone amongst us is and you would be shocked to know who it is... :lol:
  18. ijohn

    Happy Thanksgiving Day!!! we celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. and some of us ponder the things we are thankful for!!! so when i look back at all the things places and people i have met in my life’s' journey there are a few things i am thankful for...hmmmmmmm what are they and how to put perspective on the...