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  1. ijohn

    What superpowers would you like to have?

    The one I have is overwhelming most times, a hightened sense of intuition of events that will happen,
  2. ijohn

    The Nostalgia Thread

    Let the world become the canvas you paint the life you want to have, travel, let other people's music help you discover who you will become, enrich yourself with food and taste you will renember long after the voices have faded, live, live and count the sea shores your feet are willing to touch!
  3. ijohn

    I wish.....

    I wish you a Happy Birthday ausie girl, it's been ten years and I still remember your humor and fears and I hope life is what you want it to be!
  4. ijohn

    Bucket List

    my bucket list has mostly been accomplished though i have moments i want to feel again, i'm looking to move to another country soon, maybe some place in south east asia, but i still need to spend time in Siberia trying new food before i move to se asia,
  5. ijohn

    Latest Thai music conection on FB

    i found this Thai music page the other day on facebook, a good souce to get aquanted with the latest cd releases from the links they post, AeLoad is a good source for current music releases but one shouldd always support the artist when the can, i'm not assoiciated with AeLoad just thought I'd...
  6. ijohn

    How do you upload pictures on

    my 2 cents; i like to use to host pics i post in forums, it easy and free and you don't have to sign up,
  7. ijohn

    Thai Pop Throwback

    i have like this huge pop collection extends from the beginning 1994-2011 alot of compilation vcds from gmm and rs, i just got back my cds, vcds and dvds i'm stoked for the memories to come flooding back, parn, christina, bird, aof, kat, tong, nat,and so many more, gotta update my collection and...
  8. ijohn

    The Letter 2

    Any updates?
  9. ijohn


    Happy Birthday on the 14th to P, I still choose to remember you even though 8 years have passed since we last spoke, weired thing is I found a SD card with a playlist of songs you recommended, anyway after my fall from life, well kinda, but I did loose everything I owned but somehow kept this...
  10. ijohn

    The RANDOMNESS Thread

    ...I'm still alive, after a major fall, a bit of insanity, I'm finding the light again, I ponder is there exist true friends or is life just an illusion we create and nuture by ourselves? Anyhoo I learning how to give-up on dreams by being less empathetic and I feel better for it (:,
  11. ijohn

    The Letter 2

    The first half was really sad, loosing her best friend then her boy friend dying, movie was like always making me think she was cursed, i do look forward to happier times in part two if it happens, any updates?
  12. ijohn

    Faii Am Fine New Single - Mai Yahk Daai Faen Mai

    Thanks for the catch-up, I checked out the full video ( ) I liked it, reminds me how dark love becomes when promises are broken and we let the idea consume us with the past if we can't move on,
  13. ijohn

    The Voice Thailand Has anyone been watching this and has anyone thought about making subtitles? I've downloaded the first seven episodes from season 1, it would be much better if it had English subtitles as my Thai is very little at this time,
  14. ijohn

    How can you tell the difference between love and like?

    Love, I have written many things on this subject in the past, but failed to comprehend my own feelings, love has to be a goal you are willing to sacrifice for and not receive something for, finding a relationship that works shouldn't cloud your views of what love is or isn't, you have to accept...
  15. ijohn

    What's on your Christmas wishlist?

    that i be giving relief from my condition of PTSD(to many times deployed in a combat zone) so i'm better and able to shape the future for my autistic son, Ps, money can't fix this only time and the good grace of god can,
  16. ijohn

    [MBC] I Miss You

    i just started watching this on huluplus the 1st ep was good, looking forward to ep 2 today if i have time,
  17. ijohn

    This thread is dedicated to our beloved mod "tangmoe"

    it's been forever since i've been here to read things, i've been away, but today when i read this thread it brang tears to my eyes, i've been away so long i can't remember if we ever talked in flash chat, but i know when i read her screen name it brought instant tears, my condolences to her...
  18. ijohn

    help me help them!!!

    if your wondering Destiny is an american Filipino!!! :yes:
  19. ijohn

    help me help them!!!

    A few years ago I got involved with this young teen's life. it's been a few years and progress is being made but there are always setbacks. I knew her mother before her but it was what I saw that made me get involved with her life to this point, her mother let her run the streets when she was...