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    Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin are dating

    I heard that Tiffany Tang is currently dating Luo Jin! They have so much chemistry in their latest drama, The Princess Wei Young, that I was not surprise that they actually have feelings in real life too! They have made 4 dramas together. I hope they stay together long! Some pictures In The...
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    Min Pechaya & Weir Sukollawat (Sudsapda Vol.34 No.805 August 2016)

    cr:min pechaya vietname fanpage, WeirMin_Family Please help post more pics bts and inside pics
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    Min Pechaya (Lemonade Vol.6 No.105 May 2015)

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    Min Pechaya (Lisa Vol.17 No.8 April 2016)

    Some are bts pics too. Those should be obvious though because of bad lighting Cr: Lisa Magazine, Minpechaya, minnieclub
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    Min Pechaya (OK! March 2016)

    cr: Okmagazine, thairath, minpechaya BTS
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    Min Pechaya

    I haven't seen any topic about Min so I decided to create for her  her first acting in a boran lakorn called Pla Boo Thong (2009-2010)  her first lakorn and second acting in Reuan Sorn Ruk. She didn't play as the lead though (2010)  Min's first lakorn that she played lead role with Tle. Lakorn...
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    Min Pechaya (... Vol. ... No. ... February 2016)

    I'm not sure of the name, volume, and number of this magazine so please tell me if you know. Please help post inside pics too.
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    Min Pechaya (ElleMen February 2016)

    If anyone can help find inside pics, the Vol. and No. and post it here, It will be great! 
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    Min Pechaya and Vee Verapard

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    Ch7 2016 calendar

    Since there is a ch3 calendar thread, I wanted to make one for ch7 too. I just want to see some pictures of ch7 calendar, so if anyone  see any pics please post it here. 
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    The nursery room 3D

    Min finished filming the nursery room 3D already and I think it's suppose to come out in April. She's acting with a Chinese actor name Zhu Yilong. The movie is suppose to be all in Chinese, but I heard that the movie is mix with Thai people and Chinese people.  Min confirmed her participation in...
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    Pairings you want to see

    What are some parings you want to see? Even though it's almost impossible, I want to see... Min and Tik    :woot2: Mai and Nadech Mew and Weir :woot2: Baifern and Mark :spin: Bow and Ken P. Min and Boy :clap: