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    splitted & joined sound program

    Does anyone of you know a program to split and join a sound, and also that can clear the backgroung sound? i really need this program to do my final examination's work. thanks
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    avis aux khmers de France

    Je suis de Belgique et j'aimerai avoir une information de votres part: connaissez-vous la date de nouvel an khmer qui se fete au bois de Vincenne??? J'aimerai faire un saut là-bas pour voir comment ça se passe car ici, à Bruxelles, l'ambiance est assez mort ! :mellow: Merci pour votre réponse.
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    Old lakorn with Chakrit

    I found some pictures from his old lakorn that i haven't seen yet...i'm looking for these lakorn. If anyone of you knows the storyline,pleaz give it a little summary. Thankx Chai Krup, Pom Pen Chai Chai Nai Fun credit to Thaisai
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    Sc from "Lerai Oubai Rak"

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    I'm going to post some screencapt of sweet scene from varous lakorn ... :wub: hehehe enjoy Kun Nai Sai Lap
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    Chakrit Varous Pict

    Ok i'm going to start this treat by posting pict of my number 1 Actor ... :D credit to Etasia.
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    EPS.1 :w000t: :w000t: :w000t: :wub: :wub: :wub: :w000t: :w000t: :w000t:
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    EPS.1 :w000t: :w000t: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:
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    The Great Empress Wu Mei Niang

    did any1 watch this serie?? .... i just finished watching it ... it's a good serie but a very sad ending ... Alyssa Chia & Vincent Zhao make a really cute couple here some pic that i found the cast (credit to asian fanatic) Alyssa & Vincent **** so cute :rolleyes: **** (credit to asian...
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    about net transport

    can some1 pleaz post the screencap of the installation of net transport coz it still doesn't work for me :( ... and i wanna know what's wrong with my comp ;) thank u
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    Rak lamoon loon lamai - Ann & Kong

    as usual hope someone can provide summary coz i only post the sreencap here's eps.1 .....hehehe enjoy it
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    Buang rak - Pepper & Fang

    ok, i'm going to post the screencap and hope that somebody's going to provide a summary coz i'm not so good at writting here the sc from eps.1