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    WM Recorder 12

    I was having trouble getting WMR 11 to work with Vista so I came across version 12.0 that works without problems. Just thought I would share.
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    Lued Nai Din

    I don't know if there is a topic on this yet. But it will be about Arnut seeking revenge because of his mother's death. The three girls will play as rich and confident women. Probably gonna be like Leh Pumerate...wonder if anyone will end up with one another. Hope Kwan is the girl that Arnut...
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    Oobatthihed Hang Ruk

    I read at Spicy that Mos P and Pim Zaza will be having a lakorn together. :wub: This will be their second lakorn together. The storyline is that Mos's father and Pim's father got into a car accident with one another. It was later found out that Pim's father was drunk and driving so he crashed...
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    Everything will be uploaded through sendspace. Everything is credited to their original uploaders at Sarnworld, Dreams, Spicy,, and D2Bstyle.
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    I've tried going onto sharebigfile to upload some episodes, but it isn't letting me on, is anyone having the same problem.