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    New Year booths

    Hey everyone, I'm just wondering what you all think of the merchandise booths at the new years. For a town that is not so popular, what do you guys suggest booths sell to make good profit? What do you guys want to see sold at the new years and what do you guys enjoy buying there? Im debating on...
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    simply..ROMANTIC lakorns

    I like romantic comedy lakorns, but truly i miss those lakorn that make me want to cry so bad i fall in love with it. Lakorns like Tik and Aom's ROY LEH SANAE RAI or that one called NGAO ASOKE...where the comedy doesn't override the lakorn and make it more funny than romantic. I LOVE ROMANTIC...
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    thai singer Lydia- "bleeding love" by Leona Lewis

    the number one song in the U.S. ! sort of reminds me of thai singer Lydia. Don't you guys think so?..everytime i hear it..i think back to that article on sarnworld on Lydia and her relationship w/ the prime's weird. KARMA? lol
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    Best Wedding Scene?

    i'd say aom n tik's ROY LEH SANAE's soo beautiful! & traditional.
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    Rome is soo hot. i can't believe he's a new actor. He's cute..and hot...AT THE SAME TIME. i love him!
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    Spring Waltz

    i'm sure someone else would like this drama more than i do. Please trade w/ me.
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    'Big House' LAKORNS

    Does anyone know of any lakorn where the actor/actresses live in BIG houses, about the guy 'controlling' the girl or something like that, that makes the lakorn interesting enough to the point where they get married? or something of jealously erupts? I'd like to know.. i've been searching...
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    Bahn Roi Dork-Mai summary?

    Can anyone please give me a summary of this lakorn? I've been lookin everywhere! i would like to buy it..but that's another story. I haven't ever seen this..but the utube clip on it is super awesome! I don't understand the story watching jusst the clip! Please help me...