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    ดวงใจอัคนี Duang Jai Akkanee

    Anyone wants this lakorn im selling it for $15 include shipping. Its brand new and the dvd box are still nice n new.
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    I talk to nong mild shes the neak in sung thong she told me this is going to be the next boran after pla boo thong.
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    Thai VCD Karaoke/CD's & Magazine

    Im trying to get rid of these stuff, I don't listen or watch it anymore and most of them are in good conditions. So hopefully someone is interest in some of the things I have. - Cash/Checks/Money Order (Only) - Send Payment 1st - No Refund Back (All Sales Final) - Trying to get rid of this...
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    Ruk Nai Marn Mek (Dida)

    Nam says there's 4 peak Tengnueng, Tle Tawan, Tle Thanapol & Nam Rapeepat and neak is Min (neak from Pla Boo Thong) Nam will play a bad role in here. They already start filming the lakorn and we will probably get to see it soon. pix from minnie-club
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    Kwan Usamanee TV Inside : 335 December 16 - 22, 2009

    Credit to kwanfc
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    Coming Soon Lakorn in 2010

    Kularb Nuer Mak Starring: Stefan Sunti/Aum Patcharapa/Noon Woranuch Air - December 21st, 2009 Monday+Tuesday Liam Ruk Starring: Vee Veeraparp/Kwan Usamanee/Tle Tawan Air December 24th, 2009 Wednesday+Thursday Por Noo Pen Superstar Starring: Weir Sukollawat/Jakkajun Akumsiri/Tengnueng...
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    Jui Warattaya TV Inside : 327 Vol. 6 - 21-27 October 2009

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    Hong Fah (Kantana)

    Kwan first time pairing up with Tle cant wait to see this.
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    Thida Wanorn Part 2

    They added a part 2 to this lakorn
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    Jui Warattaya IN : Vol. 87 [October 2008]

    from warattaya board
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    Poo Praiya @ Ch 7 Chat Zad

    Credit to ch7
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    Bee Matika & Sammie Buntita @ Ch 7 Chat Zad

    Credit to ch7
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    Grace Karnklao & Amy Amelia @ Ch 7 Chat Zad

    Credit to ch7
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    Som Got Burn from Oil 12/06/2008

    Neak Ch7 Som Thansinee her legs got burn from oil
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    Kwan+Pinky+Chompoo+Noon Forums

    New change new url alot of people asking what happen to these forums ok heres the url to it
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    Hong Samoot Sood Hunsa (Sitcom)
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    Koo Kik Prik Gub Kleua (Sitcom Lakorn) Tle, Chane, Rodmay & Sammie new sitcom
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    Pleng Ruk Kharm Pob
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    Pinky Club

    pinky forum change new url to --->
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    Jor Wela Ha Goh

    Airing february 20th woot and may new action/adventure lakorn 2nd part to their first one 'Goh Jhar Pah Nah Goh'