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    hmong-dubbed movie

    i dont think that's the one they're talking about. the one they're talking about is: a girl was kill because her younger sister was with the bad guy and she want out. to get out the girl who got kill had to paid them or have sex with the leader guy. he did a force kiss on her, i think she bite...
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    hmong-dubbed movie

    do you guys know what the song in there is call??
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    Help find!!!

    i really want to find this super old hmong dubb of Dao pra sook. i want to super old version . i just want the dub version of Dao pra sook please and thank you
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    Need Help!!

    do you know the name??
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    Need Help!!

    i need help finding these two old chinese movie that i watched as a child. you can find me a link or a name or both. here's the summary of the first one: it's about this one girl wanting to marry to the main guy but could because the son dont want to marry her or the mom just don't...
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    Miss Hmong International - Mee Her

    my butt, there's barely any good role model especially from the hmong community. all those girls who stand up there are a bunch of fakes that just want to look good and the money.
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    A-Z hmong dub thai lakorn

    are there any dubb on these three lakorn?? KHUN NAI SAILOM KON TALAY MIA JAM PIENG
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    Kon Nai Sailom

    there are three lakorn that i been searching for but couldn't find it. so please help me out here. i really want a name and a link!! okay the first lakorn: self to note this lakorn was a very old lakorn there was this one lady in her early 20. she lived in the poor side something like...
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    List of Borans

    a good story line and it's not too long, or i'll get bore
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    List of Borans

    i know there's many out there, but it's just to hard to find the perfect on but thank you.
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    List all the borans you've seen?

    how do you get to channel 3 sung tong version cause every time i type sung tong on youtube they only get me channel 7 version
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    Uthai Tae Vee , Are there more than one versiON?

    ammmm. where's the hmong dubb at. cause i can't seem to find at that person's youtube page. please give out link! :blush:
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    Sung Tong

    what?? ^_^ how old are they?? they're not that young are they??
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    List of Borans

    hi. i been bore lately, so i was just wondering if you people could think of any good kind of borans for me. Because i really don't know much of thai borans, but it's interesting to watch. :blush: so, would you kindly make a list of thai borans that are interesting and great to watch. ;)...