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    Just got back here. What happened to AF? lol

    Just got back here. What happened to AF? lol
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    Various stars (Sudsapda Magazine Vol.33 No.793 February 2016)

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    [Ch3] Ruk Long Rohng (Maker J): Top Jaron/Mint Chalida/Pop Thakoon

    Some updates! Credits to the owners of these photos    
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    Lonely Nights

    will there be a next chapter? pleeeeease :D
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    Pairings which you fail to see what all the fuss is about

    Before I'm an MTeam biased and all so I didn't appreciate MK's chemistry. But I must say, Ananda-Kim is a lot lot lot better than MK (not being biased now, I already moved on. LOL). I hope they give these two another lakorn, and then another one, and another one. I know Ananda is a lot older...
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    Learn Thai - Easy words and simple sentences

    I Love this thread! Thank you guys!  :flowers:
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    [GMM 25] U Prince Series

    SO far, I like some of the casts. Though I only know 5 males and 8 of the females. and kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! I'm watching this for PunPun, March, Esther, Focus, Janine and Sananthachat. Well, partly for Kang, Hunz and Mild.  :dance1:  So excited for this series. I hope they'll sub this like UD. 
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    Mew Nittha (SUDSAPDA Vol.33 No.791 January 2016)

    Mew is slaying the January  magazines  :dance1:
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    Mew Nittha (Kwanruen Vol.22 No.259 January 2016)

    The inside pics is so so better than the cover page. She's really pretty  :drools:
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    Sky Wongravee (Sudsapda Magazine Vol.33 No.790 January 2016)

    Thanks for sharing! wootwoot! :cheer:  I think he's the first Hormones newbie to be featured in Sudsapda right? so happy for him! don't like the cover though  :secret:
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    [Ch7] Atitha (JSJ Global Media)

      Now now noooooooow! Loved her ever since she's with alex in Love Julinsee. Just not seen any CH7 lakorns. anyone subbing this?
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    ❤[CH3] Paen Lub Salub Love (Poodle Production): Mai Warit/Mint Chalida

    Nice storyline. Let's see their chemistry on screen :D
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    ❤ [True4U] Princess Hours (Halo Productions)

    kyaaaa!! Pattie <3
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    Mario Maurer

    yes, he has a movie with ice amena too. where can I watch that movie w/ eng subs?
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    Mint Chalida Vijitwongtong

      :woot:  :woot:  :woot:  :woot:  how to vote?? please tell us smilez  :dance1:  :dance1:
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    [Ch3] Song Huajai Nee Puea Tur (Sonix Boom)

    Just had a TSL marathon and I must say, aside from my ChaRio & Punjan fandoms, Pat is indeed a great actress  :yes: . And the role fits her very well too. She should won best Villain of the year  :thumbsup:  
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    Vill Wannarot and Toomtam Yuttana and Various Stars (FINALE WEDDING MAGAZINE vol. 1 no. 11 August 20

    I did not regret that Vill is in my top 3 prettiest Thai actress. She really looks good with or without make-up in any wardrobes. 
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    Various Stars (SUDSAPDA Vol.33 No.789 December 2015)

    I know 7 of The one in green suit in mark's left is from love sick right? dunno his name 
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    [Ch3] Ruk Long Rohng (Maker J): Top Jaron/Mint Chalida/Pop Thakoon

    So far this is my most awaited lakorn for mint :D