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    Pinkys wedding

    I just came across her wedding ceremony on youtube. I thought this would of been big news in the forum already
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    ending ost of roy marn 2000

    hey, does anyone know the name of the ending ost? the girl singer. i really like it. this version had so many nice songs. watching this makes me sad.brings back good memories..the year 2000s was the good years..there was so many great lakorns
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    Perd Wic Big 3

    lakorns for the 2nd half of the year. totaling of 15 that will be promoted at the event on July 6th 1. Buang Barb: Ploy, Por, Yard 2. Manee Dan Suang: Sara Legg, Art Pasut 3.Punyachon Kon Krua: Kimberly, Mak Prin 4.Hong Sabud Lai 5. Ruk Kun Tao Fah: Ploy, Cherry, Araya, Marie 6. Rang Ngao...
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    Siamdara Awards 2012

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    Srita not renewing her contract with Broadcast?

    can someone translate this please?? is it about her contract? you know i would not be surprise one bit! over the years, rita hasnt had much work from them and even if she does, her role is so blah..doesnt bring out her acting ability. but rita still continue to be loyal to them although she...
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    [Ch3] Mae Pia Due (UMA 99)

    thanks to jeanie for the translation. no p'ek has been confirmed yet
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    [Ch3] Lhan Sao Nai Pon (Step Onward- Power 3)

    new lakorn. just had the fitting. sorry i dont know the title. i dont know who is who since the gals are new..but theres 3 couples in here i believe tye is getting with the girl name Michelle Behrman. Mac & Pimdao, Tanya/Tao S. other cast includes: mam jintara, ginnie thanida, etc from pimdao...
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    [Ch3] Wieng Roy Dao (Act Art)

    this lakorn and "tong neu gao" is khun off pongpat's upcoming lakorn that he will focus on once he is done with "ruk gerd nai talod sode". but at the moment, hes still trying to cast the n'ek for tong neu gao credit to juniorkoy1 i believe this is the novel of the lakorn
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    the "new" pat napapar

    omg, i almost couldnt recognized her. she looks like a whole new person and not in a good way.
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    [Pics]Chai & Vicky's Wedding Day! 5-4-12

    they got married @ Hua Hin. just seeing most of my favorites tied the knot is making me sad and happy at the same time..congrats to the bride and groom! it look like a simple/romantic wedding ceremony. vicky wasnt really glowing as i thought she would be..could be that she lost weight...
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    [Ch3] Woon Wai Sabai Dee (Broadcast Thai)

    they are finally airing this after a decade! i thought ch3 isn't airing any of their stocked lakorns anymore..why even bother anyway...theres no point now. *sigh* this was when Aon was still handsome and rita had short hair credit to AAPTWO
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    Aff-Songkran Wedding Photoshoot

    this is a beautiful pic of them but theres not much chemistry. credit to rakdara
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    [CH3] Reya (Musical)

    "Raya" is from DSST. The writer of DSST is a mother of a famous orchestra conductor in Thailand so she wrote "Raya" in a musical form for Chompoo to play and chompoo has accepted to play. Thanks to dolly for the update
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    sexy and fit celebrity bod!

    which actress/model you think has a nice/fit bod. a lot of the models back then had a sexy/cuvy body unlike nowadays heres my pick Vicky susie susira rita jensen lookade metinee sonia cooling cindy teya rogers
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    Kimbely and Ch3 lakorn producer, Khun Jet dating?

    i honestly think they are
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    news regarding Matt, Margie and Chakrit

    is margie gonna starr in a lakorn with chakrit in the remake "mon jun tra?" they also mention matt's name for "farg krajun dao" which is also a remake with por/noon
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    Top Actresses that should won awards for their performances

    i notice theres a lot of top actresses that never receive an award for their performances that should of won something in their acting career. during their gen. there was a lot of tough just listing a few actresses that was around the same gen. Benz Pornchita. she always plays a...
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    Ost to "Roy Marn" starring Pok & Bee Bandith

    hey, does anyone know who sang the ending credit to this version? i really like it, all the songs were good.
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    [Clip] The Best On Screen Couple

    yadech has top the chart beating ken-anne 1. Yaya & Barry 2. Ken & Anne 3. Boy & Margie 4. Kob & Num 5. Tik & Aom credit to windlight
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    [Pic] Willy Mcintosh & his son

    omg, hes so adorable!! i bet hes gonna be just as handsome as his dad. he look full white lol credit to willys instagram