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    2015 Thai New Year Festival in LA

    Does anybody know which celebrity is coming to this years festival in LA? If you do, please share the info. Thanks.
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    Thai New Year at LA

    Does anybody know who will be coming to the Thai New Year in LA?
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    Cache Creek Concert

    Did Yaya Ying had a concert at Cache Creek? I thought her concert was Dec 26 on Sunday but when I called Cache Creek they said they didn't have any concerts going on. Did they had a change of date?
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    Nero 7 Ultra Edition

    Can somebody please help me out? I have Nero 7 ultra edition on my old computer and I love it. It came with the computer. How do I get this Nero 7 onto my new computer? I tried to burn it with cd's and tried to copy it on my new computer but it doesn't work. Will it work with a usb cable...