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    [CH8] Keuy Rot Kha Poh Tha Rot Khing (8 Infinity)

    The first lakorn to be on RS, channel 8 Infinity. Title: Keuy Rot Kha Poh Tha Rot Khing English title: Son-in-law flavor is galangal, Father-in-law flavor is ginger Production Company: RS Promotion Channel: Channel 8 or 8 Infinity Episodes: ??? On Air: May 27, 2011 Casts: Fluke Jira...
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    [Ch8] Jao Sao Chapor Kit (Choke Dee Mee Suk)

    Ka Neung Ha it one the four lakorn by 8 Infinity. Also, the director of this lakron says, this is a remake but I'm not sure from which lakorn. Credit to: hoihoihoi02
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    [CH8] Ruk Super Star Sapphire (8 Infinity)

    Ruk Super Star Sapphire (Pocket Book of Love) one of the four lakorn by 8 Infinity. I'm not sure if I got the name right. Credit to: hoihoihoi02
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    [CH8] Chuay Duay Krap Pom Rak Look Sao Jao Por (8 Infinity)

    8 INFINITY or Channel 8, is a new satellite broadcast channel by RS Promotion. Currently have four lakorn waiting to be on air. So this is one of the line up. Credit to: hoihoihoi02
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    Neutrogena complete acne therapy system

    SOLD TO KEO Rules -Serious Buyers Only!! -No trade -No Returns, Refunds or Exchanges. Sales are final. -I am not responsible for any lost/damage or stolen payment of items during the time of shipment. Payment -Prices will include Shipping and handing -Accept: Paypal and Cash (Do Not Send...
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    Convergence Love 1

    Alex Rendell, from actor turn to a singer with a new label iMusic which I not really sure if he will come out with album in the future but right now it seen like he in a group or project album called "Convergence Love I" with Yingmann, Gypsy and Howard Wang (A member of boy band "Giants" in the...
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    Thai Lakorn Subbing Info Forum

    This forum will help those who want to watch Thai lakorn with English Sub. DedicatedSUB is not a subbing team but a forum that is created to gather information of what lakorn will be sub and who will sub that lakorn. Subbing group or team are...
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    White man cafe in Tokyo

    Japan's women go to cafe filled with Western servers.
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    Amy Artworks

    All the artwork here are old and new artwork I did.... May Buntita Icons
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    Fon Putcharamai Site

    I made this site for Fon...She became one of my favitor actress...Also this is my time opening a site...I new at use HTML...Some page are down...So you can join the forum Link to the site Fon_Putcharamai Site Links to the Forum Fon Forum