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    Ja Kor Yud Hua Jai Wai Piang Thoe ?

    First of all, I love the opening song. The funny thing is that I wanted to sub this lakorn a while back when I rewatch it last. However, I already have two unfinished project which I will be working on next week after warping up summer school. Hopefully, you could find people to help you sub it...
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    [Ch5] Buang Ruk (Exact)

    I wonder if they are going to change the story. The first one was mostly about the parents, not really about Pepper and Fang.
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    [Ch7] Nang Baeb Koke Gradone (Dida)

    Look like this going to be a singing lakorn too....
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    Just watch that lakorn a couple of days ago and it still make me laugh every time.

    Just watch that lakorn a couple of days ago and it still make me laugh every time.
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    It's good that you are back. I have a few lakorn I want. However, since you are still updating your lists I want to wait for the whole lists before making the final purchase of everything. So far I want these 4 lakorn. So can you save them for me. Thank you. 1. Ruk chan nun puer ther - earn j...
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    Video Site Prelaunch!

    I have the same problem. Nothing is showing up.
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    Use this topic to help you
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    I noticed the same problem when I load avi on to Subtitle Workshop for the first awhile back. So, to solve the problem I use wmv.
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    [CH7] Jao Ying Lhong Yook (Mirabilis)

    So far, this lakorn has 14 episode and it air everyday. As of now, I don't even know when it will end.
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    [CH8] Keuy Rot Kha Poh Tha Rot Khing (8 Infinity)

    It's airing right now, however because it on a cable channel. We don't get to watch it, if someone can record. But it upload on YOUTUBE.
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    here is half of the lists in English. Like Tin stated this is a lists of very old lakorn and most them already have remake. 1. Daorueng (Johnny Anfone) 2. Jintapati (Pol Tanthasatien and Oom Siriyakorn Pukaves ) 3. Ken Hat Taa Krong Pipoop 4. Jarkfun Sunirandon (Anne Thongprasom and Willy...
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    Giving Away...

    I want free magazines...count me in too...I will wait for the picture.
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    Get a canon. I love my canon it take great picture.

    Get a canon. I love my canon it take great picture.
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    Hmong Dancer Girl on MTV

    It does seen scripted. However, it's sad to have both of your parents walking out your life.
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    [Ch5] Kohn Teun (Exact - Scenario)

    Grand looks very cute with Tar. However, her shoes it too pink to go with her dress.
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    [Ch3] Wanalee (Wave Media)

    I just found out that Mew can do gymnastics. Here a clip of her.
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    New Server! and some news

    I like this server or networks idea. I will see how turn out like first. I might want to use this networks for a website project this summer.
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    Not much today...

    Not much today...
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    [CH8] Chuay Duay Krap Pom Rak Look Sao Jao Por (8 Infinity)

    No, he is still with Sony Music. Even since he move to Sony he have been very free working for others company in his acting but in music it all come from Sony. Dan says in a interview that he will always be happy to works with RS because they are the one who give him the acting opportunity.
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    [Ch7] Lily See Kularb [Kantana]

    I wonder when they're planning on airing this lakorn it felt like forever since I have watch a Cee lakorn. Hope it come out in the next set of lakorn.