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  1. sbounmany

    Fortune Teller

    fortune teller: Good one is in Houston Texas "Cau 9"...i went to him if you want to be seening make sure you go early when i say "early i mean early like 2 am" there is a long line to see him i went at 3 am and sat there til 6 am to see him and i was number 40. he see's about 60-70 people a day...
  2. sbounmany

    Internet in Laos

    you tell them to ask those in at the internet cafe...they dont have internet in the country but they do have it in the cities. internet in laos is mostly used at the cafe or work. they are able to get it if they have internet in the local area. let them go ask the cafe about info on it because...
  3. sbounmany

    Lao/Cambodian Voodoo Love Spells (I need your help),

    i know about these stuff...its black magic which you have to be really careful with. there's so many risk with it. your giving up things in your life to have this. are you really wanting to give up so many stuff to have this guy? if not taken care of you really can become a "PEE-POB" and im not...
  4. sbounmany

    Duch Cha Nee Nang [CH7]

    im looking for a old lakorn about marines. when they land on land they fall in love with these girls and one of the marine gets married.... please help me its driving me crazy....i saw it like 10 years ago but recently got a glimpse of it on one of the Thai channel now i want to see the...
  5. sbounmany

    is in LaLa Land....

    is in LaLa Land....
  6. sbounmany

    is in LaLa Land....

    is in LaLa Land....
  7. sbounmany

    Laos to Host 2009 SEA games

    can anyone upload the laos 2009 sea game... i would like to burn it and watch it. thanks
  8. sbounmany

    A quick question about lao people's from what I know. My mom is Isan. She from Ubonratchatani (Ubon, Thailand) but she does speak Laotian because it was the first language until the longer they are in Thai their language became a mixture of both Lao and Thai. The reason why some people say Lao Isan and Thai Isan is...
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    YOur Lao Name??

  10. sbounmany

    Any Thammavongs/Thammavongsy here?

    "Thammavongsa" thats my boyfriend's last name. He has alot of relative in Minnesota too. I'm not sure about Thammavongsy in Tennesse though. If its Thammavongsa I could ask them to see if they know anyone by that name. Do you so happen to know their parents name?
  11. sbounmany

    Royal Wedding

    He does not have any kids...
  12. sbounmany

    Royal Wedding

    Will I have a brother in law that is related through the Princess. Half of the family had attended the wedding in Canada. The princess is from Laung Pabang. I didnt ask much about the wedding or about them...but if more info is needed im sure i can find out.