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  1. iamnowhere

    Yod Nam Nai Ta Wan

    I don't think anyone has posted this one yet.... if so please erase. Any of one tuning in to this one??? Just wondering what's it's about. Saw a brief second of it. Looks cute, but a lots of much drama. This time Note is the good guy!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!heheheheheheh
  2. iamnowhere

    Man of the Year Award

    ahhahahhahhahahahh Contestant 1 Contestant 2 Contestant 3 chivary is so dead!!! :(
  3. iamnowhere

    The Picture Association Game

    Got this from another forum, let see how it does on SW. The game is to find an image the associate to the previous image.... it should be really good if we find funny pix. :yahoo: :yahoo:
  4. iamnowhere

    I Need to Quit My Job..........

    I do this all the time..... I haven't quit my current job, but my boss is real big d*ck so I'm not going to put in my two weeks..... good idea or bad???
  5. iamnowhere

    Dude, Why is the "View New Posts" page not Refreshing?????

    Anyone having the same problem as me??? Each time I click "View New Posts" and it's not refreshing...... alright which one of you sarnies messed the systems up??? LOL :lol: :lol: J/p. But does anyone having the same issue???? that is anyone can find this topic....
  6. iamnowhere

    Should I Go Get My Masters????

    Hey everyone!! This is my actual first shout out topic. I just want your guys opinion on this. I'm gonna be getting my bachelors this spring of 07 and now i'm debating whether or not if I should extend my education and get my masters. I really just want to take a break for the time being...
  7. iamnowhere

    Power Couples

    I'm not sure if a poll has ever been done for this, but I wanted to know everyone's all-time favorite power couple. I based these couples by having two or more lakorns together and how active they are still are in this industry. Willy and Mew Tik and Aom Ken and Anne (This was such a...
  8. iamnowhere

    Ken's In Music Video

    Okay, I was checking out his website :huh: and i found ;) a music video with ken and janie in it. It seems like it's more like a lakorn :loool: instead though. Please tell if they're gonna be in another lakorn together :w000t: !!!!!!!! here's the link to the music video site...
  9. iamnowhere

    Raroeng Fai (ระเริงไฟ) 2000

    hey guys, went searching my mom's old magazines and stumbled across this lakorn. I remember trying to check it out on video, but it's been out for awhile now. Does anyone have? And is it any good? Thanks a bunch.
  10. iamnowhere

    Num How Sow Sai Hua Jai Ping

    Just airing, real cute lakorn. Don't know names of the actors though. Summary- Romantic Comedy Sharp and stylish, Pim (n'ek) has worked for Pink Magazine ever since she graduated from school. Now that her boss has just resigned, it is very likely Pim will be promoted to that position...