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  1. lilo

    What should I do?

    I am in a 3 years relationship. I move in with him for almost a month. Within the month moving I had a a feeling that something was up. But I don't know how to confront him about my finding of him cheating. Any suggestions of confronting him?
  2. lilo

    Is texting another person consider cheating?

    Hey ladies, So, I've been in a relationship for about 1 yrs and a few months. I just found out my bf is texting another girl asking her to go on a date or per their conversation "it's a hang out." Do you ladies consider that cheating? Should I reconsider this re just call it quits or should I...
  3. lilo

    Jam leoy rak/ Tan Kam Snae

    There's a khmer verison for this drama. Seem interesting.
  4. lilo

    Ex as your roommate?

    Ok, I am in a situation where I have a my ex as my roommate plus two other people.  We had this house meeting in regarding my ex and me.  I was told that either I choose to be roommate and friend or just strictly roommate.  I told my other roommates that I am willing to be a friend/roommate with...
  5. lilo

    Help, dating but not ready for a relationship?

    Can someone tell me that if going on a date consider you being ready for a relationship?  I was ask if I wasn't ready for a relationship then why would I go on a date?  I told that person I am not ready for relationship but I am willing to meet people.
  6. lilo

    please help

    นอนหลับฝันดี ผม เหนื่อยมาก. Is this stating that you are a female or not. Curious. Translation if you can. Thanks.
  7. lilo

    Two Faces People

    Hey I know that almost everyone here have deal with those two face type of person. What is the best way to deal with it? Cause I never experience it until this past sunday. I was invite to a b-day party and I saw two people that I used to hang out with but when they saw me they didn't say hi...
  8. lilo

    Hey Sarnies...Need advise and opinion

    This weekend was a rough weekend for me and it was an unexpecting one. I have a question to ask all you guys I would like to hear yours guys thoughts on it. I believe that almost everyone know about the myspace page right. Well, here is go I went to a friend page and made a silly comment to...
  9. lilo

    burn dvd

    I order some lakorn on burn dvd, but it is odd that there are two disc that can't play on my dvd player but it could play on my computer. Does anyone the reason why it's doing that? Cause my dvd is said that plays all types of video whether is is orginal or on burn dvd. please help me
  10. lilo

    Looking for thep sarm rado

    I am trying to get this movie the old version for my mom does anyone know where I could get it. She has in on vhs awhile back but my brother record something over it and now she is just search for it. can someone help me.
  11. lilo

    Song Naree

    Does any know what is the stoyline on this lakorn. Click on the link
  12. lilo

    golden snake sword

    I was checking a site for buy chinese and lakorn and i spotted this series. does anyone know if this a remake of the golden snake sword starring ekin cheng? below is the website.
  13. lilo

    khmer movie

    I was roaming around and seen this movie cover and it look like the movie" the ring".
  14. lilo

    preap sovat

    hey is it true that he got shoot. cus i heard of this new when I was at a salon?
  15. lilo

    touch and ning

    just wondering what happen to them. I know that ning is married will she be acting again or not. and as for touch what happen to him every heard or seen him acting anymore?