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    Nadech Kugimiya

    credit on pics
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    Yaya Urassaya Sperbund

    credit on pics
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    Kao Jirayu

    credit on pics
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    Yaya Urassaya (Heat Wave)

    She looks amaaazing! credit on pics
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    Barry Nadech, Nichkhun, Pae Arak

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    Ple Jarunee

    Aside from the cover, I don't really like any of the pictures. What's with the hair? And some of the swimsuits are just ugly.
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    Chompoo Araya

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    Ae Pornthip

    She's smokin'! Por is one lucky guy.
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    Noon Woranuch

    Looking good in purple.
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    Love Spell: Pattie & Toey

    They're both cute but I adore Pattie, she's gorgeous.
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    Aom & Art

    Love them!
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    Kwan Usamanee

    credit on pics
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    Coming Soon (Program Naa Win Yaan Aa Kaat)

    Starring Punch Worrakan and Der Chantawit (actor from the movie 'Hormones') The director is the same director of Shutter, Alone & 4bia, so you know this has to be good. Watch it!
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    Ongoing chaos in Thailand

    BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thousands of tourists stranded in Thailand by political protests that have cut off the capital's airports battled frustration and boredom on Saturday as they scrambled to find a way out of the country. Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi international airport has been closed since late...
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    Miss Thailand Universe 2008

    Bangkok, THAILAND, May 24 - Gawintra Pothijakra, a 22-year old student of Communication Arts from Bangkok University, won on May 24th the title of Miss Thailand Universe 2008. She also had won the Miss Healthy and Slim by Sealect TUNA award. Gawintra, who stands 1.76 m tall, will represent...
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    Paula Taylor and Marc Nelson

    Paula took part in The Amazing Race Asia 2 which just ended (she came in 5th place) and there's some news going around that she is currently dating Marc Nelson who was also an Amazing Race Asia contestant. Marc is a model and tv host in the Phillipines, he hosts a show call Sports Unlimited...
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    Scary/Horror Lakorns

    The ones I've watched and liked were Nang Nak and Jun Euy Jun Jao...and that's about it.
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    WM Recorder 11

    Hey guys, I'm looking for this program. So, if anyone can kindly upload the full version of this I'd really appreciate it!