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  1. pecco

    Ase Wang

    I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask this or not. I just had a question regarding this particular actress... I don't even know of she's a Thai actress or not. Does anyone know what Ase's tattoo is? What it means and all that?
  2. pecco

    video making?

    I wanted to make a fan video and I wanted to use parts of this video right here: anyone knwo how I can extract the video or something?
  3. pecco

    Aump Patcharapa

    can someone post ALOT of pics of aum pleease...??? any pics, like magazine,out&about,...anything please?
  4. pecco

    Nang Sao Jing Jai Gep Nai Sandee

    Can someone please post the summary...? :sweat: I was wondering--- who is the baby of the rich guy... Tik or Aump?
  5. pecco


    i dont know how to use it <_< ... anyone know how?? help :sweat:
  6. pecco


    does anyone have pics of louis koo, gigi, ruby and alyssa?
  7. pecco


    i have some lakorns that i'd like to share, but theyre all formatted on dvd-r... :( Doe any one know a program that can play DVD -/+ r format?
  8. pecco

    japanese drama

    does anyoine know where i can dl the japanese drama good luck? someone is currently uploading eps on the archives but i also went to and i cant dl any of it.... :(
  9. pecco


    **EDIT** does anyone know what the khmer title for this lakorn is---? The thai title is jaosawsaifalab i think :unsure:
  10. pecco


    does anyone know how to convert ram to wmv? I want to convert this file into wmv format...
  11. pecco

    Pecco's Palace

    I'll be uploading some lakorns(in khmer unless told otherwise) Also be uploading other things such as vcd karaokes,MV (thai,Korean etc) Movies (thai,korean,american etc.). Check back once in a while to see wats been uploaded/updated!! :D It wont take long :w000t: