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    [Ch7] Hak Lin Chang (Pasangyasorn) : Louis Hesse / Stephany Auernig/ Maggi Apa

    Stephany Auernig and Louis Hesse will be starring in the remake of Hak Lin Chang. Pete Thongchua starred in the previous version with Linda Gross. This will be action/ drama. It's about a former undercover cop who agrees to go undercover again to investigate the murder of a famous businessman's...
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    Mew Nittha (IN Magazine January 2016)

    cr: thairath  
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    Cheer Thikamporn (TV POOL Vol.26 No.1338 January 2016)

    cr: magazinedee
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    Sean Jindachot (HAMBURGER Vol.1 No.14 January 2016)

    cr: magazinedee
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    Yam Matira (Fashion Star Vol.1 No.256 January 2016)

    cr: magazinedee
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    Min Pechaya (Kwanruen Vol.48 No.1060 January 2016)

    cr: magazinedee
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    [CH3] Kai Mook Mungkorn Fai (Pau Jin Jong)

    After Banlang Dok Maai, Pau Jin Jong will begin a new project called Kai Mook Mungkorn Fai (Dragon Fire Pearl) reuniting Puen Khanin and Apo Nattawin again. No word on n'ek.   From KCL:  @ ละครเรื่อง ดอกไม้ใต้เมฆ กำลังออนแอร์ ล่าสุด เป่าจินจง ทำละครอีกเรื่องคือ ไข่มุกมังกรไฟ วาง เพื่อน คณิน กับ...
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    ❤️[Ch3] Dang Duang Hareuthai (Who & Who) : Tik J/Kim Kimberley

    After the copyrights of Rom Chat fell into the hands of another channel, Ch.3 is letting Kai Varayuth remake Dang Duang Hareuthai. This is crazy! All these lakorns are getting remade and I feel like it was just yesterday that I had fallen in love with it. The last version starred my beloved Weir...
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    Namwan Raknapak (MARS Vol.14 No.158 December 2015)

    cr: magazinedee Umm, photoshopped boobs again?    
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    Mew Nittha (Kwanruen Vol.22 No.259 January 2016)

    cr: magazinedee
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    Way Prinya (ELLE MEN Vol.3 No.27 January 2016)

    cr: magazinedee/ postintermedia IG Gosh, I wish this man continued his dreams of becoming an actor. He'd make such a hot p'ek. But his heart remained with music and he's doing well with it so kudos to you Way.     
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    Lying to Children About Santa Claus

    I've always been conflicted with this. I'm not yet a parent, but I plan on being one in the future if I ever find someone to settle down with. Growing up, my mother wasn't familiar with American myths. She barely spoke English to begin with since she's not from here. However, I was born here so...
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    Weir, Kwan, Pooklook, and Aum P. (Channel 7 vol. 1 no. 1 December 2015 )

    cr: magazinedee Channel 7's first magazine issue featuring my lovely Weir and Kwan ^.^
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    [Ch7] Sanaeha Maya (Gao Neung See Entertainment): Ann Sirium/Sammy Cowell/Kelly Thanapat

    Ann Sirium's first project as a producer for Ch.7. Sammy and Kelly will star together for the first time. Dear lord why him?!???? It's a cheewit lakorn so another challenging role for Sammy. I'm so sad. Why Kelly? Give him a father role.    แนะนำละครใหม่ 7 สี "เสน่หามายา" ผู้ผลิต บริษัท...
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    [Ch3] Tawan Yor Saeng (Metta Lae Mahaniyom) : Poh Nattawut / Namtarn Pichukkana

    Namtarn and Poh N. are reunited again for Nok Sinjai's new remake of Tawan Yor Saeng. The last version was by Pancake and Vee from Ch.7. It has only been 5 years since that version. Why is he still p'ek???? KCL made the mistake of saying Nok Jariya instead of Nok Sinjai. I remember reading about...
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    [Ch3] Ruk Long Rohng (Maker J): Top Jaron/Mint Chalida/Pop Thakoon

    Mint and Top Jaron will star together for the first time in Nok Jariya's new project "Ruk Long Rohng" (Lost Love Theatre).    From KCL: @ เปิดไฟล้างไฟ ตอนแรกก็แซบเว่อร์ ส่วนละครเรื่องถัดไปของ “นก”จริยา ลงตัวที่ “รักหลงโรง” วาง “ท๊อป”จรณ คู่กับ “มิ้นต์”ชาลิดา ครั้งแรก
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    [CH7] Mae Ai Sae Eun (Media Studio) : Om Akapan/Mamaew Pornchada/Pooklook Fonthip

    Ch.7 is remaking Noon and Vee's Mae Ai Sae Eun for next year. Casting has yet to be confirmed.   cr: แฟนคลับ-7-สี   ....เสียงสะอื้นในใจ แต่ไม่มีใครได้ยิน... น้ำตาร่วงหล่นดิน ตอกย้ำหัวใจยิ่งเหงา เสียงสะอื่นสุดท้ายตอกย้ำชีวิตเศร้าเศร้า ไม่มีใครเค้าเข้าใจเราอีกแล้ว...
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    Sammy Cowell (MAXIM vol. 11 no. 131 November 2015)

    cr: thairath They did a really baddddddd job photoshopping her boobs in the last picture. My girl's still killing it though.    cr: magazinedee
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    Benz Pornchita and Mick Baromvudh (SECRET vol. 8 no. 176 October 2015)

    cr: Magazinedee