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  1. anan

    Voyage au Laos en 90 Questions / ທ່ອງທ່ຽວປະເທດລາວ ໄປກັບ 90 ຄຳຖາມ

    Wanna test your knowledge about Laos ?? Here is a new cardgame with questions related to Laos to enjoy with family and friends :nut: :naughty2: !! Now Available in France ! Check it out ...;)
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    Lao News

    Hello, If u want to check out for the latest news about Laos on the Web & Tweets, here it is: :)
  3. anan

    What are your TOP 3 favourites Lao foods ?

    What are your favourite Lao dishes that u will never get bored to eat ?? :p
  4. anan

    12 Lao Runners ready to hit 26.1mi of LA Marathon this weekend ! ^_^

    March 15th 2015: LA Marathon !   At the Convention Center, LA downtown to pick up our BIB number...     Start at the Dodger stadium(LA downtown)... & at the finish line at Santa Monica beach with our Finisher medals !! ^_^     It was my toughest marathon so far because of the HEAT: nearly...
  5. anan

    Soda and Ice Tea Project

    Hello dear all ex-sarnies and new asianfusies ^_^, For those who know this old & funny thai lakorn "Soda kub chayen" (1999) At that time, I found their "dating matching system" very funny & awesome, so I would like to adapt and reproduce that kind of system on smartphone on Android first...
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    BOOK: A Million Fireflies

    Sabaidee everyone there, I just want to share with you this little beautiful book written by Mali Phonpadith that I finished reading few weeks ago... She wrote about her personal experiences and stories... I personally like the first chapters of the book because I can identify myself with her...
  7. anan

    Charlie Chaplin & The Golden Age of Hollywood

    My little personal collections of Lobby Cards, Movie Heralds, Vintage Posters & old Newspapers of Charlie Chaplin & the Golden Age of Hollywood (1920-1960)... ** FREE ENTRY ** ^_^ @ Cafe Croissant d'Art (next to the Croissant d'Or bakery), Nokeokumane road. Ban Mixay, Vientiane - LAOS...
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    When reading an article from the New York Times Mag. (dated from July 30, 1939), for my upcoming personal project, I came across to this nice food map & article below and simply wanted to share with our Asian Fusers here who love foods like me :P Next time that i come to the US, I definitely...
  9. anan

    Lao-Pali-Sanskrit Lexicon

    After "Today is Better than Two Tomorrows" documentary film, I would like to promote a book which will be released next month : I've been busy lately helping the author of this book to publish it... ^_^ It is his new 2nd Edition, enlarged with more than 300 words. Lots of day-to-day "Lao"...
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    Miss Lao 2010

    Malaythip Singsahanath sources: http://english.peopl...82/7213335.html
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    My uncle & aunt love watching thai lakorn,,, and 2 years ago, i managed to convince them to switch to Linux, because i got tired to fix virus/spywares/slow computer etc... with Windows XP... They are pretty happy using that to surf on the Internet, and watch thai lakorn on etc...
  12. anan

    Goodbyeee Faceb00k !!!

    Yesterday, i took my time to remove one by one from my pictures albums, my video, my groups, interests, apps... and my blablabla posts @ the end to fully delete my account this morning... After deleting one by one,,, until you arrived to your first post... you asked yourself: how long have i...
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    Kuala Lumpur & Singapore

    Hi dear all Sarnies,,, :D I am going to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) then Singapore in 3 weeks,,, [ i cancelled my plan for Chiang Mai in the last minutes ] What are the traditional dishes in Malaysia & Singapore :rolleyes:??? Any good advices of places to see and not miss ??? Things to try ...
  14. anan

    An Inconvenient Truth about: Guyz...

    Part 1: In Men's Head
  15. anan

    Today is Better than Two Tomorrows

    After the doco. The Betrayal, here is another new one that i would like to promote a little bit for my Irish friend Anna, it's entitled: "Today is Better than Two Tomorrows" and will be @ Vancouver International Festival Film, so if there are Lao-Canadians over there, please don't miss out ;)...
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    Bald is Beautiful....

  17. anan

    Sarnworld PMs flooded LOL

    Seems like the robot targeted guyz LOL.... WHY US ?? we are only 14% in this forum LOL... Pretty smart thing though, the registration was manual, but once registered, they use a robot to spam everyone(guyz)... Darvil, you should set delay between 2 PMs sending time to avoid that thing to flood...
  18. anan

    Can a woman have a baby from the sky ??

    My shocking answer of the day when they ask who is the father of the baby of that british girl who risk death sentence in Laos: A Laos government spokesman, Kenthong Nuanthasing said: "It is a mystery – maybe it is a baby from the sky." Very smart answer indeed :lol: !! Read more here...
  19. anan

    Anan's Pics & Cooking Experiments... :o]

    Anan's Pics: Anan invited his 2 Irish(Siobhan & Anna, a film Director) friends to a restaurant in Paris... (April 2009) Anan's Cooking Experiments: "Easy, Cheap, Healthy & RAW Foodism Sometimes..." :P [ No MSG ] Friday 1st May 2009: Eggy Lentils (DIY here) - Saturday 2nd May 2009...