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  1. anan

    Voyage au Laos en 90 Questions / ທ່ອງທ່ຽວປະເທດລາວ ໄປກັບ 90 ຄຳຖາມ

    Wanna test your knowledge about Laos ?? Here is a new cardgame with questions related to Laos to enjoy with family and friends :nut: :naughty2: !! Now Available in France ! Check it out ...;)
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    Lao News

    Hello, If u want to check out for the latest news about Laos on the Web & Tweets, here it is: :)
  3. anan

    What are your TOP 3 favourites Lao foods ?

    What are your favourite Lao dishes that u will never get bored to eat ?? :p
  4. anan

    Anan's Artwork & Crafts

    Create your own Arcade Gaming Console Christmas is coming !! Why not creating your own arcade gaming console to rediscover old video games with your friends and/or family ?? :confused12: Here is my latest little creation. >Check my page if you want to know the step by step here. :p and...
  5. anan

    The RANDOMNESS Thread

    Welcome to AsianFuse @Maricon !!! :) It's been agesssss that i haven't been there :rolleyes:... Probably 5 - 7 years passed by... and now wondering how are our old Sarnies there ??? :angel10: - married and settle down already ? - maybe have big kids already ?? - or still single and/or...
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    Here is mine : @ananfinity :P
  7. anan

    12 Lao Runners ready to hit 26.1mi of LA Marathon this weekend ! ^_^

      OMG, What a bad & awful memory u got on ur 1st run !!! lol... i wish i could be there to help u run more... freely!!! ^_^   5K is a good starting distance... start small, and have fun with the color run !!! ;) (I never tried that yet  lol... but it looks funny though, some of my friends did...
  8. anan

    12 Lao Runners ready to hit 26.1mi of LA Marathon this weekend ! ^_^

      Thank you aikoden !!! ^_^ The first step is always the hardest !!!! but running is the easiest sport to start with smoothly & slowly & for everyone... whatever u wanna stay fit, back to shape... or dream to run a marathon one day. Running (it was more "jogging") did help me to lose weight...
  9. anan

    12 Lao Runners ready to hit 26.1mi of LA Marathon this weekend ! ^_^

      5K is already good!!!!...  I also started with a little 5K, then 10K, 20K and full marathon :p   Everybody can run a marathon !!! ^_^ just need a little bit of training & never give up ! ^_^
  10. anan

    12 Lao Runners ready to hit 26.1mi of LA Marathon this weekend ! ^_^

    March 15th 2015: LA Marathon !   At the Convention Center, LA downtown to pick up our BIB number...     Start at the Dodger stadium(LA downtown)... & at the finish line at Santa Monica beach with our Finisher medals !! ^_^     It was my toughest marathon so far because of the HEAT: nearly...
  11. anan

    Anan's Pics & Cooking Experiments... :o]

      Thank you  !!! I might join again my runners friends again for LA marathon next year, if some of our AsianFuse members are there, Let's meet!!! ^_^
  12. anan

    Anan's Pics & Cooking Experiments... :o]

    <Summer Trip />       @ Grace Cathedral, SF. @ Grace Cathedral, SF. @ Grace Cathedral, SF. @ Berkeley Uni.   @ San Mateo, CA.     Visit a friend @ OC...     I miss California already, anyone will do the 2015 LA marathon ??? :rolleyes:
  13. anan

    A marriage life that doesn't go anywhere

      Did you talk to him about this issue ??? Living together isn't it all about sharing, discussing and caring for each other ?? If I were u, I will talk & clear out these "little" issues...: What do you want ? & what does he want ? Did u do something wrong ? I know that u girls(ladies)  keep all...
  14. anan

    An Inconvenient Truth about: Guyz...

    Part 11: Men vs. Women in the morning...      
  15. anan

    what does "calum" mean in laos and english?

      I think you are right !!! Taboo seems the closest-word to define "Khalum", the other term for me would be "inappropriate".   The elders use that word sometimes to teach young boys/girls about good manner (sometimes they are too lazy to explain, so they use this shortcut word), even when there...
  16. anan

    The RANDOMNESS Thread

    Everyone is getting old, but feel even older when your parents are retired... When young, they were all busy & workaholics to save money for the best possible educations of their children. Now old,  our heart is filled with gratitude to take care of them, spoil them and catch up the lost time...
  17. anan

    Where were u born?

    I was born in Laos, then adopted by France, but in love the UK & USA !!! :p
  18. anan

    Laos Fashion please help and support us!

    Very great collections and design :D :thumbsup: Thanks for sharing Tina :)
  19. anan

    If the world end on 12/21/2012.......

    Lol... Hopefully for the others who still will have time to spend their saving $$$.... :D
  20. anan

    If the world end on 12/21/2012.......

    Drink & finish my old wines, until feeling high..... :P