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    Any romantic Indian shows similar to Khaani with an obsessive hot villain?

    OMG, I just watched Khaani recently on Netflix (first 21 episodes only as the last 10 no longer focused on the romance) and its story was so compelling!!! This is exactly the kind of intense obsessive romances that I'm looking for: One where the the leading male's more villainous (preferably the...
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    P'eks with unconditional love for n'ek

    I just finished watching "Game Rai Game Ruk" today and am sooo in love with Saichon/Charles and Nang Fah. Loved how Charles was so passionately in love with Fah to the point where even his "revenge" seemed more like "courtship." He was truly bleeding his love and even when he's "jerky," he's...
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    Thai lakorn with super obsessed pek

    Okay, so my favorite lakorns all feature really intense/obsessed peks who are utterly fixated and pretty much never give up on their neks. Love the peks who know their own mind and love/want to be with the nek despite what other people may say -he may even think the worst of her, but still can't...