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    Acer 6920G and windows seven

    ok, here the thing: my school was working with microsoft and we are in the prog that they call MSDNAA which mean that i got the license for windows seven pro free. and, i don't know why, but i decided to installed it on my laptop which is an Acer 6920G . the installation was really smooth and...
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    Philiphino serie: Pangako sa yo (the promised)

    Does anyone know if this serie is dubbed in khmer or not, please? and where i can find it? I really want to get it for my mum. Thanks by advance for yor answer.
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    Media Convert

    For people who are looking for a converter, here a free online one which is easy to use, and can convert in almost all the format you need. Click here
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    I'm a real bitch!

    I never know before how it's so hard to having to standing here and listen your mum and your sister lecture you when you are not a child.... Two weeks ago, i broke with my currently bf because of three words that he told me... Maybe, he was thinking that i will be happy to heard it but...
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    Download from youtube or dailymotion ( and others) with a direct download link

    Download This is a litlle prog with is really great that will help you to download stream from internet in the format that you need and in direct download link(...All the files are convert in the format that you need when you D/L it ( avi, mpeg, mp3,...) and the other thing is that you don't...
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    Korean Series dubbed in hmong

    I need help to find a website where i can order korean series dubbed in hmong!! please...!! I'm not hmong and to be honnest i don't know a lot of things about hmong language..but i know a really old woman who is hmong and she wants to watch again "Winter sonata", a really old korean serie...
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    Ronan Keating LIVE IN Phnom Penh

    Giant event of Ronan Keating concert will be held on May 9 at Olympic stadium in Phnom Penh, which is sponsored by CTN channel (the Cambodian Television Network). it is the first event by a major international act. Ronan Keating, Irish pop star and former member of Boyzone that was made its...
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    30 days for an essay

    source Let's see what people think about this...
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    eyes exam

    CAN U READ THIS? ^_^ to chinese ppl : Don't take it personnally ..this is just something funny and really unique ^_^
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    Do u speak a good english?

    The Commonly Confused Words Test Complete Answer Key available. URL at end of test. Good communication is not necessarily about using an expansive vocabulary. It is about properly using the words and punctuation you already know. The results of this test will reflect your level of appropriate...
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    So boring....

    What some guy should khnow about girls... when u try to do an equation about girls , u get this.... When u try to analyse ... But if u looking at girl brain , u will see this... And when u want to see how is it for real by bringing her at the mall... Note: The "Put Oil into the Car"...
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    A stupid horoscope with a funny game

    When i wake up in the morning, i r ^_^ eally don't appreciate to find stuff like that in my mail , <_< especially right now, but well,..someone send it and i just want to show it...take time to read this topic and u will laugh about what come after the horoscope ( <_< i hope so...) 1. the...
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    Purity test

    Do this funny test to see how pure u are :D this is just funny.. This test consists of some questions (don't count them) about the topics of alcohol, sex, and drugs. Some of these questions may be offensive to some. If your are of those, do not go...
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    Can u be a mother when u have only 11 years old?

    well compare to the girl in Columbia ( who have 2 babies at only 11 years old) or the one in Great Britain ..her story is nothing..but have a baby at 11 years old ?!!! it's just :wacko: All that things is insane..but well it's their problem..i just want to khnow if ppl think that we can be a...
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    Free protection for ur pc

    Everytime, everyday when u surf online u get a virus or a trojan..and most of the ppl can't afford these logiciels or prog ..that's why here some free of them... Find a spyware : spyware terminator or Spybot search firewall: kerio or jetico Save ur data : Mozy or Cobian Test ur firewall...
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    Abbé Pierre (EMMAÜS fundation)

    L'Abbé Pierre is one of the great man in this century and his fight was totally awesome I khnow that most of u might be don't khnow who he is or totally don't khnow him but this man is my idol and a really good example for ppl in this eath... Abbé Pierre, the Roman Catholic priest who...
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    Hot asian girl?

    Is it true that the appearance is important? That's why don't judge by what u see?!
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    How To Keep A Girl

    Warning: The following post is not meant to be read by hypersensitive girls. The entire post is purely satirical. If you have a sense of humor, enjoy sarcasm and wish to laugh, read on. Please do not take it too seriously. You've been warned! Do not read if you can't handle it! Guide On How To...
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    10 best / 10 worst pickup lines

    10 best pickup lines Number 10 "I was wondering if you have a moment to spare for me to hit on you?" This one is relatively original and seems innocent enough for her to take notice, without feeling threatened by you. You'll also effectively send the message that you're interested in her, but...
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    7 Types of Guys Women Can't Resist

    1. The Romantic Guy He believes in classic romance. He is constantly bringing her flowers and chocolate and lighting candles during dinner. He calls her often to let her know he is thinking about her, and looks into her eyes and tells her how he feels. Why he is so irresistible: A woman loves...