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  1. lil_babe

    Badarn Jai(Act Art)

    Here are some photo i found at ClubAtichart CREDIT TO CLUBATICHART
  2. lil_babe

    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    i felt bad for Ann..she the victim of the game
  3. lil_babe

    Badarn Jai(Act Art)

    gosher he sure looks HOT there ^_^ Aum is such a teaser..thanks for sharing
  4. lil_babe

    Nang Sao Puck Kee Lew(Duang Malee)

    lols it was funny how tye speak english in the beginning of episode 6 where tye and noon were sent to jail and tye say something like "i'm a nice people"
  5. lil_babe

    Badarn Jai(Act Art)

    can anyone tell us what he is say in the clip
  6. lil_babe

    Awayjee See Chompoo (No Problem)

    lolx, hey i actually like him with his own real little mustache like the one in Barb Ruk Talay Fun i thought he was HOT in there it was the first movie i seem him ever and got me hook on him. <333
  7. lil_babe

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    wow! according to parnpui seem like Bai is gaining his own little popularity toward some too..that;s great to hear glad some knotic him cause i think he is nice though he is mute. :lol:
  8. lil_babe

    Badarn Jai(Act Art)

    Here is what i found on Opening Ceremony of Badarn Jai And another one of making the movie Badarn Jai on the first half w/ Nimit Marn
  9. lil_babe

    Badarn Jai(Act Art)

    cant wait..sound like a bittersweet romance..another one of him.
  10. lil_babe

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    thank twinky..i was right on time for the spoiler...this is wat i check all week long while waiting
  11. lil_babe

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    omg..thanks you rugrats81 for the spoiler...poor So.
  12. lil_babe

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    ahhh...thanks you so much..i just check awhile ago and they didnt post it yet
  13. lil_babe

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    lols, im with so addicted to this one i even forgot to pay attention to the other lakorn..i dont know what i will do untill monday again :lol:
  14. lil_babe

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    i gotta thank whoever upload the one with eng. sub. on youtube..the storyline looks intense..cant wait for more..anyone know when is the next episode???
  15. lil_babe


    i can't see how the girl looks like when the photo can't even open right...maybe someone need fix the photo
  16. lil_babe

    Ariel & Joe interview in HK

    thanks for sharing ....seem like they got closer since ISWAK 1....glad to see them again i hope the movie will come out soon
  17. lil_babe

    Something about Luj Yaj

  18. lil_babe

    Hua Jai Sila

    yeah, i notice about his teeth too and everytime it shown it really bother me somehow. beside that i still think bie is handsome but i don't like his hair cut or hair style in here as much as the one he got in his first lakorn.
  19. lil_babe

    Yam Rachada Ban.

    she very cute...i see her in boran in a long time now.
  20. lil_babe

    wedding songs!

    have you heard Forthe Dimenshon's song called "Txij Hnub No Mus (Feature Proto J)"'s a wedding song it's very can listen at Nkauj Hmong Central. Aniwase congra. to your cousin.