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  1. naimee02

    Did Vicki and Chai broken up??

    Omg.... :o Can someone please translate or share any recent news on P'Vicki and P'Chai??? I am dying to know where they stand =( Did they really broken up? or Is it just a rumor??? The news doesn't seem good to me =( Please HELP...
  2. naimee02

    Vicki Sunisa Jett Fanclub and Chai Chartayodom Fanclub

    Hello everyone, I, Naimee02 decided to start my own Vicki Sunisa Jett fanclub on April 30, 2008, so I can be in control of it and share this forum with the communities who are a BIG fan of P'Vicki and P'Chai Chartayodom. Here you will find P'Chai's informations as well. I do look forward to...
  3. naimee02

    Chai and Vicky (they're so cute)

    Hello everyone, Can someone please translate the article? You can also here the audio too. I am a fan of these two, but I'm not able to read in Thai. Can someone please do it for the international fans? Thanks. Here is the link:;newsid=12245...
  4. naimee02

    Chai Chattayodom and Vicky Sunisa Jett

    Hello everyone, I have been searching for P'Chai's and P'Vicky's information on here or other search engine but I couldn't find anything about them. Do you know of any of their fanclub or forum websites? They are another new interests of mine. I really like them both in two of their lakorns...