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  1. lil_babe

    Jet Li’s Mansion The Number One in the Celebrity World

    After two years of construction, the new family mansion for Hollywood kung fu king Jet Li in Shanghai is finally nearing completion. And the mammoth manor has already been hailed as the number one Chinese celebrity mansion. It's size alone is boggles the imagination, with three separate...
  2. lil_babe

    The City Of God

    Song Seung Hun and Han Ga In will be co-staring in MBC 2007 March Drama " The City Of God". Song Seung Hun will be playing a cold-hearted entrepreneur who changes greatly after all his family members died in an accident. Han Ga In will be playing a kind-hearted, positive thinking girl who meets...
  3. lil_babe

    What do you like about Hmong New Year?

    What do you like about going to Hmong New Year???? Me.....i like to go meet with my friends and the FOOD is one big thing. LOVE papaya and Pathai if i spell it right. What about you guy????
  4. lil_babe

    Edison Chen Featured in People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" List!

    Yaaaahh....Edison Chen...all his hard work made him a sexiest man alive in people magazine. Here's the news i found. Edison Chen Koon Hei is experiencing success both in his love life and career. In the USA's People Magazine, Edison was featured on their "Sexiest Man Alive" list! Attracting...
  5. lil_babe

    Hmong New Year

    hey everyone...i'm in California and Hmong New Year is coming this Nov. and Dec. i don't know if other states already had their Hmong New Year Celebration, but ours in Fresno and Sacto. is coming so who think they're going and what do you look for in Hmong New Year Celeb?? :P
  6. lil_babe

    Where From???

    Hi there...i notice every in here are hmong(of course)...welp...wat i was wondering is where is everyone from??? keke....i'll start from California! :D