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  1. klarissa


    WOO HOO! finally another fun thing to do. Here's the deal, Natty, Lek, and I were chatting one day (today) and I am intrigued about the idea so i decided i'm going to start this. This is in memory of Pee, who said, "if i'm gone who's going to remember me" so the whole point of this chain is to...
  2. klarissa


    So i came home ...long story, and i clicked on my I.E. look what i found: seriously....why can't I get that lucky?
  3. klarissa

    Your favorite childhood tv show

    i definately am a Fresh Prince of Bel Air fan and Step by Step and Full House....and Boy Meet World hahaha what about you guys?
  4. klarissa

    Lip GLOSS - what kind do you use?

    I know Ning is going to post on this and Lek, hahahaha but yeah i'm bored so i might as well blab about the lipgloss/balm i use everyday: i just realized i own too many lip balms....hahaha
  5. klarissa

    Klarissa's Pictures

    So i guess this is the new cool thing to do. here's what happens when you're bored during your 830 class oh and more.... here's a picture of my dog: here's some pictures i took while i was in chicago:
  6. klarissa

    Funny Video please don't be offended by this, but its HILARIOUS! hahaha
  7. klarissa

    How does your name define?

    ******* -- [adjective]: Sexually stunning ..COUGHS COUGHS that's my other name, as for Klarissa: klarissa -- [adjective]: Sexually stunning what are the chances? totally. take the quiz here!