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    Any romantic/comedy lakorn for Aff T.?

    Lately Aff been having alot of heavy drama lakorn... i wanna see her in a romantic/comedy... i don't know if she can pull it off but she did pretty good in mon ruk lottery with dan d2b... i want to see her in different genre of lakorn like maybe the scary type action comedy type... and maybe...
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    Aff confim break and is talking to songkran hope they just stay as friends i like how she answer
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    Aff Taksaorn broke with 10+ years boyfriend Oor

    I saw on lyn blog's and dirtii laundry that Aff broke up with her boyfriend of 10+ years... Songkran ( uggh hatem him) came out to say that he not a third hand and that he proving himself to Aff and Aff and Oor hasn't been talking for awhile now. Yes Songkran the guy who suddenly famous and in...
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    Pae Lakorn

    I fell in love with Pae from Jaew Jai Rai Gub Khunchai Tewada, and i was wondering anymore upcoming lakorn with him as pra'ek? And and English Fan sites i cant read thai so Yeah. Thank you
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    Summary for 2 lakorns

    Hey guys i was wondering whats the summary for Sueb Lub Rahat Ruk starring Ken theeradeth andf Vicky Sunisa. I think there a summar in but i can' read thai. Any of you guys wants to translate it or know in your own word maybe a site or a blog that has that lakorn summary in english...
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    Weir Sukollawat

    Hey guys i was just wondering if any of you know if weir sukollawat is having any upcoming lakorn for 2009 i miss him so yea lol
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    How come alot of you guys hate Pancake?

    I don't like Pancake to much but don't hate her and i was wondering why do you guys hate her? Some of you guys hate her so much that you don't watch Khun Noo Tewada ( watch it for weir and kade). Its a really good lakorn ,funny too. And there all over each other in the lakorn because...
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    Yam in Ter Kue Cheewit?

    Air date: March 13, 2008 CH7 (Wed-Thurs) Genre: Romance, Mystery, Supernatural, Fantasy Starring: Weir Sukollawat Kanarod & Pinky Savika Chaiyadej, (Au Navapol, Kwan, and Cheer Characters: (credit to Teedee from sarnworld) Weir as Tol-mon aka Kon-Tol Pinky as On-in aka Kon-Lek Kwan as...