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    thai news

    Can anyone help me out where I can watch a good thai news online...Thnx to those that help
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    Help with song title....

    Can anyone help me out and tell me who sang the song at 7:20 and what's the song title.. Thnx u to those that help out:D Here is the link:
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    I wanna share a cute video of Aom Phiyada..

    Here is a link to the video of Aom dancing at Bird's concert that I wanted to share to those whom haven't seen it yet. when I first saw it I couldn't stop laughing :lol: I've had never laugh so hard...It was funny and cute at the same time... Hope y'all enjoy it. Here is the link...
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    Drunk driving

    I'm writing a paper about drunk driving and I need some of y'alls input. How do you feel about people driving under the influnce and how can it be prevent it. Any input is appereciated. Thnx.
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    Room Game

    Since we are talking about room and all. How about we play a little game where we describe an object from your room and let the sarnies :D guess what it is, like : tv, radio, and etc. I don't have time to go first but i'll come back later. Forgot to add have fun!
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    That's so raven

    To anyone that watch that's so raven. Do anyone know the name of the song playing at the end of the episode where raven is suppose to go to the blue rain concert w/ her bf. devon but she couldn't so her bf. play the song for her toward the ending of the episode where raven was sitting from her...
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    help w/ mac

    Does anyone know a good converter to convert .wma to mp3 or cd to mp3 using mac. Thnx.
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    This is kind of old, but I saw this infomercial about this blue thing where you can use to braid your hair in different sytle like; french braid, and etc. I was wondering what's the name of it? I really want to know even though it's kind of old and they might not sell it no more, but I still...
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    Help w/ slang meaning

    I want to know what does it mean when someone said, "you're a chocolate di" What does that mean? To those who know a lot of slang please help out.